Netflix Playlist: Breastfeeding Edition


When I first came home with my little man we spent a LOT of time eating. And I don’t mean me eating cheeseburgers and pizza, I mean the babe was nursing nonstop. No one warned me that I would barely have time to get up to pee between his feedings….seriously. I was lucky that he […]

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 My Boho Betty Style


Okay, so ,I was introduced to Boho Betty a couple of weeks ago and promptly fell in love with their accessories. I know, I know it sounds scripted…whatev….if you’re going to judge just excuse yourself! Lol. I am kind of a frugal person especially when it comes to certain things. If I think I have […]

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So Your Husband is Playing Pokemon Go


So, has you’re husband, boyfriend, best friend, significant other jumped on the Pokemon Go bandwagon leaving you feeling left out? My husband and I have been excited about the release of Pokemon Go for months but now that it is here my husband has been playing it a bit more than me and while I […]

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A week of Instagram

I have been loving my Instagram interactions lately and have been having fun posting tons of fun pics. So, I decided to share some of my favorite IG pics on the blog! Okay…how did I miss days for the @authenticbloggers photo challenge? Well I'm back and the prompt is #happy this picture says it all! […]

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Be You, The World Will Adjust


I am a brand ambassador for Mieroglyphs and receive incentives to promote their products.  Well here I am. In a place I never would have dreamed I would be. Seriously if you would have asked me 3 years ago where I would be now my answer would have been totally different. Back then I had a dream of […]

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