Dang! I was looking through my computer this morning for a new desktop background (procrastination). And I found a bunch of pictures that are so darned perfect for what my family is planning right now. Are you ready? We’re going to Disney World…like tomorrow!! Stay tuned for how our trip went. I can’t believe it’s been two years since our last trip!

Multi tasking has never been a strength for me. I can do it. I do do it. But it can be a real struggle sometimes. But I bet if we were sitting together right now you would never guess what I am doing right now. As a momma, I am so busy that even showering gets put on the back burner. But thanks to my newest collaboration with Smile Brilliant I can get Professional teeth… Read more »

Happy March everyone! I am so excited to be talking about reading today. I have ALWAYS loved to read and now that I am a momma I am super excited to share that love of reading with my little guy.  And I am extra excited that I am collaborating with Incredibundles.com to give you an awesome way to celebrate with your kiddos or to share the love of reading with someone else.  So, first, about… Read more »

At the beginning of the year, like most everyone else in the world. My brain was working overtime trying to decide what my ‘goals’ for the new year would be. Thinking about goals really got my head spinning but there was one clear thing I wanted to do this year. I wanted to actively live my life as a Jesus follower. I wanted to love people the way Jesus did. I don’t want to attend… Read more »

Okay, wow you guys. I have been in a crazy hectic bubble lately and finally found it in me to hop back here and update everyone.  But for real….It’s mid February…Where DOES the time go? Life has been crazy, crazy busy. I originally wanted to take a couple of weeks off from blogging around and after the holidays so I could enjoy some time with my family – unplugged.  But unfortunately, as it often happens… Read more »

My first year of motherhood is coming to a close and I hate to see it go…or do I? I’m not sure yet, but one thing i am sure of is that being a mom is what I was made for. Even though as I write this my little guy is fussing for a playmate and I will have to stop and restart this passage several more times; I  am okay with that. Because right… Read more »

The other night I was tossing and turning in bed for probably three hours. I have been thinking so much about life goals, goals for the blog, and goals for my family in general. And, thinking of one goal leads to another and another and another, before I know it I am aiming to completely abandon every thing I’ve ever known just because a new year is upon us. So, that’s just the question. Why… Read more »

So I have had blogs in the past in fact I have been blogging on and off since 2009. But I have to say this year of blogging has been my favorite by far. I’ve learned A LOT, I’ve met a lot of amazing people, I’ve tried some great products, but most importantly I have had so much fun! So in the Christmas spirit I am going to count my blogging blessings today. Top 5… Read more »

​*Sponsored post: I have received payment in exchange for this great post for my momma friends. All opinions are 100% mine mine mine!* Okay so let’s be honest here. I don’t make a whole lot of time to dress up or accessorize myself, and I get the feeling I’m not alone with this one. I stay at home with my almost one year old pretty much every day so for a long time my mindset… Read more »

Holiday joy. It’s a phrase we hear a lot this time of year and Christmas is all about things that bring joy to our hearts. People suggest keeping your Christmas errands simple and minimalistic to avoid stress and I agree but if you find joy in giving gifts and spending time wrapping them, then that’s just fine. Others might find happiness in shopping or baking a million Christmas cookies. And you know what that is… Read more »