Okay so the name So(lace) in a Small Town is like a double meaning. It’s So Lacey in a Small Town meaning it will share a lot about my life in a small town, it also refers to Solace, like finding comfort in a small town. But, even if you don’t life in a small town, sometimes it is just the small town mindset that you can find comfort in. I personally feel way more at home in a place where you wave at everyone you pass and you run into 10 people you know every time you run to the grocery store for some bread or milk. That’s not for everyone and that’s okay.

I find great solace in living in a small town, my surrounding, but our surrounding is not the only place we can find comfort.

10 sources of solace

Here’s 10 other things that can bring us comfort when we need it. Not necessarily in desperate times, but in everyday moments where we need a little slice of peace.

1. A sun-shiny day!


2. Your favorite old t-shirt


3. A call/text from a friend or family member

4. A favorite quote or Bible passage


5. Digging in to a plate of your favorite food.

6. Receiving an unexpected compliment


7. Sitting on the front porch, sipping on a hot beverage

8. Having a true belly laugh

9. Hugs

10. A warm cozy blanket

Let’s talk….

What do you find comfort in? What are some of lives simple pleasures that give you warm fuzzies?

4 thoughts on “10 Comforting Things I Find Solace In

  1. Kristen

    This is such a great list! I find solace in all of these! Especially hugs, bible passages and warm cozy blankets. Thank you for sharing!

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