I know a lot of people who think living in a small town means “there’s nothing to do.” But that is so wrong! I grew up in a small town and am living in a small town now as an adult. I went to college in a bigger city but most of the best memories I have are – you guessed it – from living in a small town. Here were some of my favorite memories of small town fun:
1. Karaoke on Saturday nights
2. Picking up chicken strips and having video game nights
3. Tubing behind a three wheeler in the snow
4. Fishing under the bridge
5. Cruising around town because you always knew the cop on duty
6. Driving around the back roads because there’s nothing better to do
7. Slip and slide races 
8. Hitting up city wide garage sales
9. The town festivals
10. Being so bored and wishing you didn’t live in such a small town but loving it so much at the same time.
Any other small town residents out there? What are some of your favorite small town memories?
Share some in the comments please!