With toddler-ing in full force it’s time to try to embrace or #HugTheMess, if you will, with Huggies One & Done Wipes.
So I decided to let you in on a few of my messy life hacks with 3 ways to use baby wipes to clean up after your little ones.

  1. Regular Diapering: The first and most obvious use to Huggies One & Done wipes is for all those glamorous diaper changes you get to so throughout the day. I had the pleasure of trying these wipes for the first time right after we got home from the store with them. I loved how thick they felt.
  2. Quick Mess Clean Up: I once read a piece of advice about keeping things clean by just wiping up spills right when they happen. Yeah, that sounds great and obvious except for when you have a toddler crying, needing supper or about to run for a flight of stairs. Yeah then it’s not so obvious. So I honestly keep some wipes in our family room for this purpose. 
  3. Grooming on the Go: since most parents if toddlers carry a diaper bag all over chances are they have wipes packed 24/7 as well. This makes Huggies One & Done Wipes perfect for cleaning sticky hands after aleating out with the family or wiping snack messes off their face when you are at the park. 

I think you can probably relate to the need for multi tasking and nulti use items. So I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of Huggies One & Done Wipes. They have earned a spot in our living areas for those quick changes and mess clean ups.

Do you want to try them out? Take advantage of this $2 Smart Coupon and then let me know what uses you found for your wipes. Share your tips in the comments or on social media using the hashtag #HugTheMess.

5 thoughts on “3 Ways to Hug The Mess

  1. Juli

    Yes! Wipes are good for so much more than diapering. We never stopped buying them after baby #1 turned into a toddler, and I don’t see us stopping anytime soon even though #2 is potty training in the next few months. I’m always using them to get marker off the boys!

  2. Arlene

    I love wipes! My 3 year old is already potty trained but I still use them for other things that dont have to do with diaper changing! Huggies are the best!

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