I’m no baby expert but I think my little man has entered a new phase…A phase I’m going to call the “hey I’m hungry but I’m not going to pay attention to that; instead I’m going to pull away 5 million times to see what else is going on” phase.

So, since August is National Breastfeeding Month, I thought I would spend some time on this.

I have had a few breastfeeding struggles along the way but this is a new one as I don’t really like the feeling of my nipple being pulled and stretched every time the kiddo sees something else that catches his attention while I’m trying to feed him. I’m not into that kinda thing I guess.

So I did the instinctual mom thing and Googled it.

Yup it’s a real phase that apparently starts around the 6 month mark.

So what are you going to do about it?

Well obviously first things first I’m going to complain about it on the internet.

Now that I have that out of my system, I’m going to try to create a nice distraction-free brestfeeding area.

What To Include In The Distraction-Free Zone

Well ya don’t want to include much…obvs.

But for real though I do have some things I want to look for or create when trying to make a nice place to nurse.

1. No TV!


One of the big problems I have now is that I usually just nurse Harrison wherever we are hanging out and a lot of times that means in the living room in front of the big screen. Who doesn’t get distracted by the newest episode of PLL?!

2. A secluded place


Another thing I looked for was an area where people weren’t going to be walking by or talking..especially when we have guests.

3. No distractions for Momma either

A nice stress free and relaxing space for me was something else I thought might help. Since day one I have felt like breastfeeding has been more work but maybe it’s time to use it as quiet time for both Harrison and for ME!

4. Soft lighting


Like I said right now I usually just nurse where ever, which is usually in our front living room which has a huge window (awesome) but I bet that can be a source of distract too. So I’m hoping to move away and find a place where we can have some soft light sources.

5. A place where I can pump, too


I am working on building up some extra milk supply and I set aside time every night before I go to bed to pump. But right now I pump in our bedroom and it’s sort of cramped and my closet mess tends to crowd out my breastfeeding area even more. So I am hoping this distraction free zone for nursing can also become a place to pump. Bonus of there is space to just store all of my pumping mess.

Getting in the zone

Once I have all my requirements in place I got to work on moving crap in our house all around. I try to do it when Brice is not at home so that way he doesn’t think I’m crazy. (He will probably have flashbacks to when I was pregnant and going through my crazy nesting phase)

I’m going to try out one space first that is close enough to where everyone hangs out, that way it’s not a chore to travel to our secret breastfeeding lair. But somewhere that isn’t right in all the action either. I picked a room that we rarely ever use but has some nice aesthetics.

Our dining room area has a fireplace, some dim overhead lights and a nice corner I could put a chair and some space to stash pumping stuff. So I figured this will suffice.

I’m hoping that this will help me and any of you create a distraction free nursing zone for this new phase we’re in. I also hope it helps me continue breastfeeding as I have had so many moments where I just feel like giving up, but that’s a subject all its own.

Let’s talk…

Fellow mommas have any of you had a similar struggle? How did you deal?

If you’re not a momma have you ever created a stress free and distractions free zone for yourself? What was important to include for you?

Like this post? Be sure to share these tips with your friends and family who may be needing a distraction free zone. Heaven knows we all can get A bit distracted from time to time.

14 thoughts on “5 Things To Include In A Distraction-Free Breastfeeding Zone

  1. Sahvana

    I tried to create a distraction free zone, but my toddler would always find it. Lol. I had extra nursing pillow covers and my pump, but it moved with me when needed. Sometimes I needed to be downstairs and sometimes I needed to be upstairs. A rocking chair in the living room and one in the nursery were essential. Your area looks way more inviting, and cozy 🙂
    Sahvana recently posted…Mom CareMy Profile

  2. Shortsweetmom

    I remember when my munchkin started to notice everything around us. Totally changed the nursing game. I admit we still deal with this at times. Going to a quiet place is usually a big help. These are great tips.

  3. Trishawna

    love this post. I have to agree with you on all 5 things although I am so guilty of scrolling through my phone while breastfeeding sometimes. But you are right its best not be distracted.

  4. candy mercado

    “Well obviously first things first I’m going to complain about it on the internet.” Can I say I love you already, or too soon? LOL.

    I’ve had many friends have this same experience. They did the blanket over the head thing but I’m not familiar with a 6+ month old baby that would stay still enough for that. They would just think it’s silly if it’s not incorporated from the start. I think the tips you provided should really help out.

  5. Julie S.

    So right here. Having everything within reach and ready in advance makes the breastfeeding sessions so much easier. It is awful to have to get up and grab something when you both just got cozy.

  6. Elena

    I can completely understand! I’m going to complain about it on the internet was hilarious! This is a gift to a new mommy! I’m sharing. 🙂

  7. Marisa

    I can’t relate on the breastfeeding level, but I remember bottle feeding Jack in a quiet, calm place where I could focus on him and talk with him was so important for bonding. We have a rocking chair in the nursery where we used to bottle feed him and I still hold him like a tiny newborn when he lets me.

  8. Inez

    I’m sorry, but I had to laugh.. hahaha. I don’t like that feeling either!! It’s unpleasant for sure. But still hilarious the way you put it! I think freeing from distractions helps for sure. It definitely gets more interesting as they get older and more mobile!
    Inez recently posted…7 Ways to be Kind of CrunchyMy Profile

  9. Alicia

    i find the easiest thing to do with my distracted nurser (will be 9 months old on Thursday) is to pop her in the ergo on hip carry and let her nurse while I go about my business. She’s can still see what’s going on and I am not trapped on the couch (I have a 3 1/2 year old too)

  10. Samantha

    Such a fun stage- not! Haha. If my little guy is really distracted, I’ll push off feeding a bit until I know he’s really ready to eat.

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