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Okay so let’s be honest here. I don’t make a whole lot of time to dress up or accessorize myself, and I get the feeling I’m not alone with this one. I stay at home with my almost one year old pretty much every day so for a long time my mindset was, “who am I trying to impress? What’s the point?”

Well I realized pretty quickly that just settling for PJs doesn’t make you feel very good about yourself. And eventually I ended up buying a bunch of new stylish yet comfy clothes and started my search for simple accessories to match.

But there was a problem…I didn’t know where to start:

When you really have NEVER made accessorizing a priority, it’s really hard to know how to do it and what is going to match your style.

So, when I heard about a company called 7 Charming Sisters I was super excited about how their website works.

They have 7 sisters with 7 styles to share, if you see a style that seems to match your own, you can click and browse the jewelry in that category. The categories include: All-American Girl, Life of the Party, Social Butterfly, Sexy Nerd, The Executive, Super Mom, and Fashionista.

I thought there were one or two categories I would fit into (can we get a hybrid sister called The Super Sexy Nerd Mom?! Cuz that would be me 100%).

On the fence, like me?…

But if you are on the fence a little like I was, the coolest feature on the 7 Charming Sisters website is their Find Your Style quiz, which you can find here.

There are 7 quick questions that will steer you toward which sister will fit your personality the best.

Start shopping:

Then the best part of all is SHOPPING! I probably could have purchased like everything on the website. Everything is so cute and everything makes a syatement. But I started with just a couple of pieces. And as I said before I did a little hybrid shopping between the two different sisters categories: Sexy Nerd and Super Mom.

When you’re shopping you will quickly find that the names of each item are so fun and cute. As a nerd and just an appreciator of wit, I loved a lot of the references made in the names of the product.

The pieces I decided to pick out were called the Anti Mini Van Necklace and the Purrfectly Programmed Jewelry Set; the Anti Mini Van Necklace was from the Super Mom collection and the Purrfectly Programmed Jewelry Set was from the Sexy Nerd collection!

The hubby and I went to a Stevie Nicks concert recently and this setting was the…dare I say it…PURRfect place to wear the Purrfectly Programmed necklace. It is quirky but not over the top, a great balance.

My Anti Mini Van Necklace is my new favorite way to dress up a casual t-shirt dress or tunic and leggings which have seriously become my go-to looks these days.

Check them out..

So, have you heard of 7 Charming Sisters before? They are so fun. Check out their website https://www.7charmingsisters.com/ and just for fun take their quiz and comment below with your results!


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  1. Beth

    I haven’t heard of this and now I want to check it out, I’m definitely lacking in the jewelry department as of late – my son is now 3 and has broken a few of my favorite pieces!

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