Some of you have noticed a lag in my social media interaction and posting on the blog. And the truth is I just got overwhelmed and lost sight of why I started my blog in the first place.
This led to a few things; a little soul searching a couple anxiety attacks and finally some big changes! And so I am excited to introduce you to the new and improved Small Town So Lace.
Some of you loyal readers (if there are any) may have already noticed some of the design changes that have started slowly taking place over the last month or so.
I wanted to make my blog a fun place to be. A fellow mommy blogger friend of mine recently posed the question if your blog was a place where would it be. And I loved that. My blog would definitely be like your best friends living room where the kids are playing on the floor and we are swapping fun ideas over a cup of coffee!
So a lot of what you will see visually will reflect that idea.
Bright colors. Clean layout. And very conversational!


Speaking of conversational; what we (and I say we because I want to hear from you guys too) will be talking about here will be a little different, too.
When I started Small Town So Lace I had a few vague ideas of what my blog would be about. And so I just jumped in and went for it. I just wanted to write and connect with other mommas.
Well after about a year of blogging and nine months of blogging with a little one, I have developed a much better idea of what I wanted to do aside from just writing and meeting other people.
More importantly I developed a much better idea of what kind of parent I was and wanted to be.
I am, and want to continue to be, a mommy who gets down and plays with my kids. I want to build forts. I want to read books. And I want to use my imagination right there along with my little buddies.
And to be honest being a stay at home mom makes it easy to lose sight of that.
I would play for awhile but then I would find myself asking “WHAT DO WE DO NOW?”
So a good portion of Small Town So Lace is going to share ideas and make it a personal mission to embrace play time.
Aside from focusing on fun I will also share some ideas on how to care for ourselves to make sure we can care for and have patience with our kids so they can learn from playtime.
For my fellow faith friend I will devote a section to my faith related posts which is part of what helped me with my serious mommy soul searching. For those of you who aren’t interested in the “religious stuff” that’s okay, too. That will have its own section and the other mommy stuff will have its own section!
Finally, content wise, I will have occasional reviews. I know these can be annoying and seemed forced especially when they are sponsored, but I will do my best to keep it fun yet informational. And I want my readers to know is that I will only promote products I trust and have tried myself.
So please take my reviews and promotions as one friend sharing new products with another friend!
Now that we are friends I will also be having lots to share so I will be giving you all lots of opportunities and fun reasons to subscribe to the blog.
Right now I am working on finalizing our first project on how to keep playtime fun and fresh. If you sign up to our email list now you will be the first to receive the printable list of 100 Fun Ideas. And DIY instructions on how to make our first project before I share it on the blog.
Subscribers will also receive information that non subscribers will never see.
It is free to sign up so why would you not?

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