So I told you a couple of days ago that I planned to start the #atozchallenge which started….Two days ago. So as you know that means…This post is like two days late. 

That’s part of my life, now. 
I went from being a journalist where deadlines were everything, to being a full-time mom and there is no such thing. 

And while I’m on the topic of things not being prompt, something I used to love – being on time or early…text messages.

I will almost always miss texts when they are first sent to me. It WILL take probably half a day for me to text back.

I’m not even sorry.

My answering machine should say something like,”Hi, you’ve reached Lacey’s cell. I hear it ringing, but I am probably running around after a half naked toddler attempting to change a diaper, or I’m making finger paints for an art project. Leave a message and I might call you back. But just in case text me. I sometimes hide in the bathroom and check my phone for a minute or two throughout the day. *Beep*

But responding in a timely manner just doesn’t seem to work out for me anymore. 

Take today for example, my kiddo screamed when I tried to lay him down for his morning nap. He just was not having it. So, I decided to just snuggle with him for a few minutes and try again. Well, the Sweet child fell asleep in my arms, so there we sat for almost 2 hours. 

Sometimes you just have to go with the flow, Something that is going to take time to adjust to. 

That’s why my first post in the my A to Zs of a SAHM is Ahhhh. Because as much as we need socialization with our friends and other adult our age, it most of time time gets put on the back burner because prompt and timely only apply to diaper changes and sippy cup refills. 

Don’t give up on us moms going through the AHHHH phase. It’s crazy, emotional, challenging; and we need you. 

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