Having lived in a small town my whole life (with a brief reprieve during my college years) sometimes you have to get creative when trying to find ways to have fun.
Imagination goes a LONG way in this venture, that’s for sure.
I can’t tell you all the many adventures I went on with my imagination and I credit that to one or two things. One of the things responsible for helping my imagination grow as a child was reading!
Going to the local library and picking out stacks and stacks of books each week was just the highlight of my childhood.
Now that I’m a mom I cannot wait to see my sonny boy do the same thing.
So of course I wanted to make reading a fun activity from the get go which is why I decided to create a fun area for us to read together.
It started with a baby shower…
I had seen a lot of baby shower ideas where you are supposed to bring a book instead of a card in order to build up the little one’s library. So I knew I had to do this! And let me tell you did my friends and family more than pull through! Heck, Harrison’s godparents even bought him a bookshelf to go along with all the books!
And his great aunt made him a personalized book tote.
Needless to say I was more than inspired to head home and get to reading.
Here’s how it went


Now I have seen plenty of GORGEOUS reading nooks and corners on other blogs and all over Pinterest.
Let’s just say I did my best. Haha
Things to include when planning out a reading corner:


1. Focal point: I wanted to choose something that would draw my attention to the reading corner right when I walked into the room. Hoping that will remind me to use it A LOT!
2. Accessibility: the reading corner had to be cozy but I didn’t want it to be too cramped or too tucked out of the way that if things got messy one day we could still get to it and utilize it!
3. Cozy: on the same hand this area had to be the perfect place for my little one and I to snuggle up when we read (and so mommy doesn’t get a site back from sitting on the floor too long).
4. The necessities: there are a few things a reading area has to have. Pillows, stuffies, blankets, and of course, lots of great books. You’ll want to plan a functional set up to include all of the must haves, am I right?
The finished project!
Now I am not a crafty person all the time so I am pretty darn proud of myself!


I gathered all the things I wanted to include from the list above before I started organizing the corner.
I included a huge body pillow, a tote for blankies, some foam floor pieces for making our butts comfy and of course Mr. Vader as the focal point!

What do you guys think? We love it and have read there pretty much everyday since!

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    1. Lacey Post author

      Baby H got a TON of bunny stuffed animals so far in his 4 months of life. I think it might become his favorite. ☺

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