Small Town Mom. Big Fun.

solace-profilephotoI started Small Town So Lace in 2015 just before my son was born.
At the time I was a full-time reporter for a weekly newspaper, I had won two awards; one for journalism and one for photography, and loved my job.

What I didn’t love was the idea of working days, nights, and weekends once my kiddo came along. So, I decided to leave behind the so called 9-to-5 and become a stay-at-home-mom.

The first few months of being a SAHM were great, but there were a lot of days where I found myself asking, “Well, what should we do now?”

That’s when it hit me; I want to have more fun. I want to have more fun blogging. I want to have more fun in life!

So, while you will continue seeing a lot of the usual parenting posts on the blog, you will be seeing a LOT more PLAY TIME! Because, heaven knows I did not leave that 9-to-5 hustle to have less fun.

Buckle up and get ready for weekly posts celebrating the FUN side of parenting.

It’s about to get real….REAL FUN.

I wanted to be the fun mom

The focus of Small Town So Lace was originally just to talk about being a mom. But, after nearly a year of blogging my inner child was shaking it’s head at me.

I am that mom that will get down on the floor and play. I will crawl around to teach my kiddo how to crawl. I am the fun mom…..Or I should be. To some extent we all should be. But, that was not coming out on the blog, and some days it was not coming out in my parenting either.

Routine was such a huge part of my parenting that I forgot how to focus on the fun part.

That’s changing right now. So If you want to have more fun as a parent, then you should follow along for tips, tricks, inspiration and just plain ol’ fun.

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