Gerber Baby Cereal is something we purchased right off the bat when we decided to start our little man on solid foods. We didn’t even think twice. But, now that I have learned more about the brand we realize that baby cereal forms more than good memories.

Now I know you’re thinking, “Girl, what are you talking about? Memories and cereal?”

Cereal is nostalgia in a box for me!


I remember as a kid, one of my favorite things was waking up early in the mornings and sitting down with my dad to eat a bowl of cereal and watch cartoons.

Now, I know my little man is too young to be forming the same memory yet, but I can’t help but enjoy the nostalgic feeling I get when I am hanging out with my little man in the morning.

And I have to admit I have had mornings where I pull my baby’s highchair into the living room, turn on some Veggie Tales and we eat cereal together.

Granted we are not digging into bowls of sugary “breakfast” like I used to when I was a kiddo, what we have is much better.

Cereal and Your 6-12 Month Old:


I breastfed exclusively until Harrison was 6 months old, per the suggestion of our doctor. I was fine with that. When he got closer to that 6-month mark my husband and I excited headed to the store to pick out something for the first attempt at solids.

We had heard that cereals are a good place to start, but we were just going in as blindly as possible. We grabbed some Gerber Cereals and headed home, which was a good choice and here’s why:

  1.  Gerber has iron which helps support learning abilities, AND;
  2. Just two servings of Gerber Cereal a day has 90% of a baby’s daily value of Iron.
  3. Gerber Cereals contain calcium to help support healthy bones and teeth
  4. Their cereals provides Zinc, Calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and six B Vitamins
  5. They are not made with genetically engineered ingredients if that is important to your family
  6. And they are not made with those fake colors or flavors!
Shopping for your cereal:


We live in a small town and sometimes we feel like we are limited to just a few choices when it comes to our little guy’s needs. But, we do have a local Walmart that luckily carries a lot of the things we need and want like Gerber Cereal.

Harrison and I did a quick run to Walmart the other day to restock our cereal collection. Because even though he is 8 months old and eats a lot of the same things we do now, we still love our cereal and cartoons.

Walmart had a variety of Gerber Cereals to choose from but we go with the Oatmeal. It sounds boring but my number one tip for switching things up is to mix some cereal in with you lil’ one’s favorite fruit puree.

Now go do it…


Next time you are at Walmart, check out the serious collection of various Gerber Cereals, go ahead, I’ll wait. Now mix some up with you favorite little or littles and let loose. Let them eat in the living room and watch cartoons with you. It’s a memory you will never forget.

In fact, you will be forming more than a memory. You will be providing a healthy meal that will be vital in your baby’s development. So…why wouldn’t you?

Learn more about Gerber Cereals by clicking on the link below:


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