For the past four summer’s I have been a reporter for a small town, weekly newspaper where community events take up a large portion of the newspaper coverage. This means that almost every weekend during these summers I was busy covering those community events – you know things like parades, fireworks, food stands, fairs, concerts. What a bummer, right?
Maybe it wasn’t so bad, but I have to admit I am very, very excited to have time this summer to do whatever I want without being on the clock!
I am especially excited to spend time doing lots of fun things with my husband and son who is now 4 months old! I’m so excited that I have taken some time to plan a summer bucket list that will include fun for me, my hubby, and baby H!

Creating a family friendly summer bucket list

So if you want to make fun summer plans that are appropriate for an infant but will still be fun for you and your husband I have gathered some tips to share with you!
1. Find ways to get everyone outside: it can be tempting to stay inside all day when you have a little one. I know I fall into this quite often because getting out of the house with a 4 month old can be so much work. You pack a diaper bag, you feed, you dress him, you get your stuff packed up, then by then baby needs another diaper change and is hungry again! It never fails…two hours later, sitting at the park doesn’t sound quite as much fun anymore, does it? But, it is worth it to get some sun and fresh air. So just suck it up and do it because when its winter again you will miss the warm sunny days.
2. Buy a State Park pass: I don’t know about the rest of the world, but here in Minnesota a seasonal state park pass only costs about 25 buckaroos and opens the door to year round outdoor fun. Hitting up a State Park gives you a quick day trip that can offer cool nature hikes, swimming, educational programs, and even some historical sites. Most State Parks I’ve been too also have great paved paths which are great for pushing a stroller. This makes for cheap fun and usually good exercise. Its a win-win.
3. Always be prepared for a grill out: this is a great one in my opinion. I keep burgers and brats inn the freezer so that way if it’s a nice evening we can grill out at the drop of a hat. This is great because one can do the cooking and one can hang out with the kiddos outside. This way instead of supper being a chore or mindless part of your routine, it becomes a summer memory in the making.
4. If you have a yard utilize it: or a nearby park or something similar. Summer bucket lists don’t have to be all about running all over the place. Sometimes (actually most of the time) the best summer memories are made right at home. So buy a little kiddie pool where the adults can soak their feet with the little one’s splash around. Or lay out a blanket and read or play with your kiddos like you would if you were inside.
5. Talk about it as a family: make it a priority to have some fun and ask everyone what they have always wanted to do. Work everyone’s hopes in…even if they seem like plain ol’ dumb ideas.
6. Bend the rules once in awhile: when planning some fun ideas for your family-friendly bucket list allow bedtimes to be pushed back and routines to be shook up a little bit once in awhile. Its worth it to make memories together.
7. Make use of bedtime: on the other hand you should be absolutely sure to enforce bedtime. I know, I know it sounds pretty contradictory to number 6 but hear me out. Bedtime is a good time for you and your partner to enjoy some time together. I know my husband and I have already used bedtime to grab the baby monitor, head out back and enjoy a beer while sitting around a fire! Bedtime is a good time to have some adult time and since it’s summer there is usually a couple extra hours before the sun goes down. Might as well make the most of it.
8. Be flexible: last but not least, when planning a summer bucket list you really should be flexible. A lot of times things will come up and your plans won’t work out. And you don’t want to book yourself solid because you will probably miss out on some other super awesome activity. So keep it casual.

Need some inspiration?

Okay so you have a few tips on how to start coming up with your own family-friendly summer bucket list, but you’re still drawing a blank.
Well here’s my summer bucket list for me, my hubs, and my lil’ man.
1. Go to an A&W: I know this probably seems weird but there aren’t a lot around where we live and we really like root beer. Haha.
2. Visit a nearby lake: there is a town nearby and no had no idea there was a lake there until a couple of weeks ago. It is my goal to spend a day at the lake there.
3. Take my little man to his first parade: my hometown had a yearly celebration and I haven’t been able to go for a few years. We are so going this year!
4. Visit a State Park: or maybe more than one. There is one close by with waterfalls that would make for a fun family trip.
5. Lots of grilling out: ’nuff said.
6. Celebrate my golden birthday: okay I realize probably not many people can do this but I can so I’m going to. But you should find something else to celebrate this summer!
7. Have a picnic: we got a super cute picnic basket for our wedding and haven’t used it yet. Can’t wait!
8. Visit our local farmers market: we have a very very small one but I’ve always wanted to check it out.
9. Go to the county fair
10. Rock my post baby swimsuit bod! I am by no means back to pre baby weight but I’m okay with that and I can’t wait to busy out my swimsuit this summer!

What do you think?

Do you have any tips to finding family friendly summer activities? Do you have your own family-friendly summer bucket list? If so I would love to hear about it! And if you know someone who needs a little help planning their summer please share this post!

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