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Well here I am. In a place I never would have dreamed I would be. Seriously if you would have asked me 3 years ago where I would be now my answer would have been totally different.

Back then I had a dream of being a newspaper editor and I was convinced I would go down at the keyboard (aka work until I died).

Fast forward to 2016 and I am living the dream but not the one I thought I should be living. I left behind the deadlines and news sources and adopted some new priorities.

Despite being happy I can’t help feeling a little self conscious about my decision from time to time. I’m a stay at home mom and before that I identified with being a reporter.

Now I almost have to rediscover myself outside of my former role as a journalist. Here are some of the ways I have reminded myself to stay true to my inner spirit:

5 Ways To Stay True To Yourself

1. Find your style and rock it

I found that PINK is my style! Get it girrrlll. Lol

I feel like a lot of our personality shines through when we have a personal style to back it up. Now that I don’t have a dress code I have really been able to try some new styles and has really shown me how and in what ways I have changed! In that journey I have found this little gem of a bracelet from Mieroglyphs. It is cute enough to wear with a dress but cool enough to wear on a date with the hubs. I’ve also embraced the style of flowy tops and dresses paired with classic chucks or heels! And have you seen my latest style change? Pink Hair! ❤

2. Perfect that personal mantra

Okay So my inner yogi is a big fan of mantras or phrases you repeat to focus on a certain mindset. I also think it works to use this outside of the yoga practice too. Mieroglyphs bracelets allow you to carry a mantra with you all day long. They have several quotes you can choose from or you can choose a custom inscription when you order!

3. Look outside of yourself 

When I quit my job I decided to finally do some volunteering that I haven’t had time to do before. Helping others kinda helps you realize everything isn’t about you and some don’t have it as easy. But it also makes you feel like you’re doing some good. I believe in leaving a positive vibe wherever you go. That’s what Mieroglyphs brand does. Their products are available in 50% or 100% sustainable materials which is very cool in my book!

4. Write

If the previous tips don’t help. It might help to just sit down and write down your thoughts. Of you want to be true to yourself but don’t know who you really are writing will help you sort that out. Doodle quotes. Make a list. Find your personal vision. Write it down. If you can sum it up in a sentence or two get it printed on your Mieroglyphs bracelet. Then carry it with you forever!

5. Stop comparing

Most importantly stop comparing yourself to others and just do you!

So if you want to rock your own personal mantra or inspirational quote head over to Mieroglyphs and order your bracelet. Use promo code STS10 for a 10% discount on your order!

5 thoughts on “Be You, The World Will Adjust

  1. Miri

    When I had my son, I went through a whole re-identification too. I also dyed my hair lavender. Then I ended up having to go back to work after my husband lost his job. Back to boring brown. 🙁

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