How To Build A Fort

Welcome to Minnesota. It is cold. It is snowy. I don’t know what kind of weather you all are having but if it’s anything like our weather right now you’re probably sitting in the house wondering what the heck to do. Well, this week Harrison and I are going to teach you all how to build a fort so awesome it will transform a boring room into an awesome adventure area.

Why I Love to Build a Fort & Why You Should Too

There are so many great reasons you should build forts for your kiddos on the regular. It’s a perfect way to mix up your routine (without actually throwing your routine off! What? Heck yes. Win win!). It creates a special place and in turn a special bond just for you and your kiddo. You exercise your imagination and when the kids get old enough to help they learn problem solving skills and creativity to learn how to use household items for their forts. And your creating lifelong memories.

My dad and I used to build the best forts together and I would probably have to say that everything I know about forts, I learned from him. We used to use cushions from the couch, throw pillows, stools and chairs from the kitchen, books, bed sheets, you name it. The best part was that sometimes my dad would even build the fort in such a way that I could still watch Sesame Street from inside. How cool is that? Yeah, I have the best Dad ever. No question there.

Now I am happy to be using those skills learned from my dad for my own kiddo’s fort. So I will let you in on just a few tips and secrets so that way you can build awesome forts, and quickly so you finish before your little ones lose interest in the idea all together.

How to Build A Fort

What you will need: A variety of bed sheets (I like using the fitted ones best), stools, chairs or even the table, books (heavy ones to hold sheets down) Blankets, pillows, cushions, and a good imagination.

How to do it: Once you have everything ready to go you can start building your fort.
• I have found using a table as the main base of the fort works the best.
• Then, place some chairs around the corners of the table. • Use the fitted sheet to wrap around the outside of the table hook the stretchy corners of the sheets under one foot of a chair and the top of the same chair then stretch it out and hook the other side corners to another chair.
• Do the same on the other side of the table.
• Leave an opening between two of the chairs for a door.
• Place two stools outside the opening and drape a flat sheet over those to create a tunnel style entrance (because those are always more fun).
• Now grab some toys and snacks and head on it.
• Oh yeah, and invite your kids to join the fun too.

Let’s hear it:

What are your tips to building an awesome fort?

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  1. Candace

    What a cute post. My kids LOVE forts. We need to do it more often. Our youngest one is still little so she kinds of wrecks them. Maybe we need to expose her to more of it to get better results.

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