Well, this whole #atozchallenge has been kind of successful in that it’s making me stop and reflect on how I spend my time each day. I know I’m only on the third letter, and I’m not exactly on schedule but…Whatever.

When I was in 7th grade I decided to become a cheerleader and I embraced it through out the rest of my high school career. I learned so much about myself and about life.
I went from being this shy 12 year old to a confident high schooler who wasn’t afraid to jump, yell, and wear skirts anymore.

And I learned to think of the word ‘can’t’ as a swear word. 

My cheerleading coach would make us do push ups, sit ups or run laps each and every time we said ‘I can’t

Sometimes it would just slip out….And sometimes it seemed like many of us young girls on the squad had been so programmed to just say I can’t do it and give up. It was something society had taught us already, before we even made it past the sixth grade. 

Now thanks to that very special cheerleading coach I question myself every time I say that I can’t do something. Even if I just feel the excuses coming on. 

I think that as a mom, or just anyone in general, in a small town we feel limited in what we can do and the ‘can’t’ word starts getting thrown around. 

There are things I feel I can’t do anymore because I’m a mom. 

Just today my husband was busy and my kiddo and I were stuck in a hotel room. We were getting rather antsy and all I wanted to do was get out and explore but I thought I can’t do that alone with a 1-year old. 

Then I checked myself. Can’t is an excuse to give up before you even try.

And it all goes back to the way we feel like we are expected to behave as mom’s. 

Newsflash ladies and gentlemen becoming parents can open just as many doors at it closes. And living in a small town can only hold you back if you let it. 

So I challenge you all to treat the word ‘can’t’ as a swear word, ban it from your vocabulary and your kids’ vocabulary too. It really does make a difference.