*I received $10 downtown bucks and a free ride on the Pelican Breeze II in Albert Lea in exchange to facilitate my review, all opinions expressed are completely mine and honest, obviously!


One of my major goals this summer was to get out and explore the area around me. I know you can have fun without traveling far from home, especially in a state as beautiful as Minnesota. So when I was invited to Albert Lea to take a free boat cruise on the lake and attend their Wind Down Wednesday event, I couldn’t say no! In fact, this knocked an item off of our summer bucket list already, and it’s not even officially summer yet (if you want to see our summer bucket list or need some ideas on how to make your own check it out here).

So last Wednesday I packed up my sonny boy and forced him to come have fun with me, he was open to the experience.

Our first stop was at Frank Hall Park in Albert Lea, MN where we were to board the Pelican Breeze II, a cruise boat that would take us around the lake. Now, you have to cut me a break here because I have stopped in Albert Lea like a million times, only to pull off of I-90 to grab a coffee or use a bathroom, but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I even knew there was a lake in Albert Lea. Needless to say, I learned they have 8 lakes. And that factoid was just one of many shared by our cruise hostess.

My little man is just 4, almost 5, months old so I was a little apprehensive about bringing him at first, but once we got on the boat I felt very comfortable, there were tables and chairs and the whole boat was covered with a canopy – big bonus for my fellow fair-skinned friends. I found it to be really kid friendly, as there was a whole awesome crew of kiddos aboard. They waved and waved at trucks passing on the 35 bridge as we cruised underneath of it.

My favorite part was seeing the herds (flocks, gaggles, crews, what is it called for pelicans?) of pelicans, those birds are way bigger than you think. So that was just awesome to see.

I already told my hubby that we should take another cruise sometime soon.

By the end of the cruise our little one was ready to get back on dry land, you know, diaper change and feeding time…baby stuff. So when we got back to shore we took care of business and then made our way downtown for the Wind Down Wednesday event.

This is something they do once a month in June, July and August. So if you are looking for something to do on a Wednesday the next dates are July 20 and August 17 (you can get more info here).

I have to say I have never had the opportunity to spend much time on Albert Lea so this event was a great way to check out all of the downtown businesses as well and browse all the art and business vendors.

Wind Down Wednesday was the perfect way to get out on a nice summer day and enjoy the town of Albert Lea. It has that small town feel I love but plenty to keep me and my little man busy.

Let’s talk….
It seems like a lot of events are on weekends so mid week events are a great idea!! So how do you find family friendly events near your home during the week?

3 thoughts on “Backyard Explorations: Catching A Breeze And Winding Down in Albert Lea

  1. Robin McMahon

    I’ve never heard much about your area, it’s so very interesting to see! I too am wanting to get more out and about in the Tennessee area where I live because it is amazing! I look forward to hearing more!

  2. Mikki

    I found you on Naptime Nation when I clicked over to stumble a post. I was excited to see you were also from Minnesota. Imagine my surprise when I scrolled down and saw you went to my hometown! I am so glad you got to see the charm of it. I live in the Cities now, but I miss living in Albert Lea a lot!

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