At the beginning of the summer I posted a summer bucket list, which you can check out rigghhhht here. And this list was actually sort of momentous because this was the first summer I could do as I please without covering lots of summer events for work. So I made a bucket list and I think my husband remembered the items better than I did. Even if it was subconsciously. But. I digress. One of… Read more »

One of my goals this summer was to drag my husband and son to a couple Minnesota State Parks. I have a seasonal park pass which was only like 25 bucks, so this makes for a pretty inexpensive day trip. And to my delight we made time to stop by a State Park which I hold very near and dear to my heart; Father Hennipen State Park. I can’t tell you how many summer days… Read more »

*I received $10 downtown bucks and a free ride on the Pelican Breeze II in Albert Lea in exchange to facilitate my review, all opinions expressed are completely mine and honest, obviously! One of my major goals this summer was to get out and explore the area around me. I know you can have fun without traveling far from home, especially in a state as beautiful as Minnesota. So when I was invited to Albert… Read more »

I know a lot of people who think living in a small town means “there’s nothing to do.” But that is so wrong! I grew up in a small town and am living in a small town now as an adult. I went to college in a bigger city but most of the best memories I have are – you guessed it – from living in a small town. Here were some of my favorite… Read more »

  I grew up in a town with a population of about 700 people. But, we were located on a big, big lake — the second largest inland lake in Minnesota which is the land of 10,000 lakes. That means we had a lot of fisher folk and tourists visiting our little town on the weekends and during the summer. Most of my jobs growing up relied on the tourism. Resorts, restaurants, bars, and cute… Read more »

A recent throwback photo showed up on my Facebook timeline the other day. It was a photo from college of my friend and I together on a hike through the woods. The memory sparked a conversation between my friend and I about committing more time to doing the things that made us happy the way hiking, camping, skiing, etc. made us feel when the memory was captured in that throwback photo. Adulthood has a way… Read more »

So, you’ve probably stumbled around the internet long enough to find my blog, whether you know me, we are friends, family members or soon-to-be friends. Regardless, I’m glad to have you reading another post I’ve written, because as I explained in my very first blog post – I’m just here to write. But, since you are here and reading what I have to write, I guess I might owe you a little explanation as to… Read more »