So, you’ve probably stumbled around the internet long enough to find my blog, whether you know me, we are friends, family members or soon-to-be friends. Regardless, I’m glad to have you reading another post I’ve written, because as I explained in my very first blog post – I’m just here to write.

But, since you are here and reading what I have to write, I guess I might owe you a little explanation as to what I’m going to write about here and why I’ve decided to approach it the way I have.

I gave a lot of thought to what I have blogged about on past blogs and what I will probably be writing about a lot and one thing I thought connected all of these things was my small-town roots. Growing up in a small town taught me a lot of skills, taught me what kind of person I wanted to be, and what kind of person I am.

I grew up in a town of about 700 people in central Minnesota; the walleye capital of the world. So, of course I learned to fish, camp, hike, bike, walk, host a killer bonfire on a Friday night; basically just enjoying the outdoors any way you possibly can.

I attended the same school from Pre-K through my Senior year of high school and knew most of my 30 or so classmates my whole life. It was nice to know everyone so well, but like most who grew up in a small town I was ready to get out of there and discover new places.

Upon graduating from high school I decided to head south about four hours to attend a private, four-year Lutheran college which was located in a city with a population of about 39,000 people. This was quite a change for more than one reason. The obvious was that I was not in my little comfortable town anymore – and I certainly didn’t know everyone there anymore.

I enjoyed the change of pace for those few years though. In fact, the setting at the college gave me a small-town feel. I knew all my classmates and it was easy to get to know people in other grade-levels as well.  Not to mention, attending a Lutheran college completely changed my life for reasons I will get into another time.

Once I graduated I moved back to my small hometown to live with my parents while I figured out what I would do and where my journey would take me from there. I majored in communications with an emphasis in print journalism, hoping I would find a job at a newspaper.

So, I interned at my hometown paper and found myself lending a hand there after graduation as well. But, I wanted and probably needed a full-time job in my area of interest. So I applied for newspaper jobs everywhere in Minnesota and the surrounding states.

Fast forward a few months or maybe even a year later I finally nailed an interview that brought me to, you guessed it, a different small town. When I arrived in the town I thought, “I don’t think I can live here.”

But, I had prayed for a way out of the situation I was in and I don’t think God could have been anymore clear about the answer to my prayers. I knew I had to accept this job.

I was really grateful that I had a love for a small-town life because I accepted the job, packed my bags and moved four hours south of my family again to Southern Minnesota. Now I have been here for almost four years and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I think everything I do and the person I have become today has been defined by the fact that I grew up in a small town.

So, on this blog you will learn about my love for small-town living (and the farm life), hobbies I’ve acquired because I live in a small town and how I will start my family in a small town as well. Topics on this blog will include: a little DIY where I’ll share my latest crochet, craft, and cooking projects; life and what we do in small towns, raising a kiddo, being a nerd and marrying a nerdy farmer; and faith, if there’s one thing I want to do with this blog is remind myself who set me on this journey and helped me along the way – the awesome G-O-D!