Date Day for you and the Kids

Here’s what we’re doing this week: Date Day!

Planning a date day for you and the kids might seem strange or you might think you do that every day. But why not make it special and instead of just having lunch at home or grabbing fast food, make it a date, make it special.

Why we’re doing it:

It is so easy to get stuck in a rut. Having the same thing for lunch week after week. Wearing the same 3 outfits everyday. One day while my husband was farming away I thought to myself, “I can’t wait until my husband can take me out on a date.”
Then I realized I have a handsome little man right here who would love to spend the day with me. That’s when I decided that I’m taking him on a date and started planning a date day for me and the kid!

Rules for date day for you and the kids:

H and I decided to go out to eat at Olive Garden after church so we were already all dressed up. Daddy had to work after so it was the perfect time to get out and enjoy some one on one time outside of the house. He even took me shopping. And when the day was all said and done I felt better for getting out of the house and H had so much fun seeing so many people at the restaurant and mall. Don’t be afraid to get out of the house once in awhile. Even if you have little ones. Sometimes it doesn’t end up to be a relaxing magical day but sometimes it does. It’s worth a try. So here are some rules for date day for you and the kids!


1. Make it special: And make it special for yourself AND the kids. Pick somewhere different try somewhere new. Splurge a little. Honestly how often do you treat yourself?
2. Dress up: moms deserve a chance to do their hair and makeup and then to get out of the house and show it off. Who cares if you’re with a baby or kiddo. Just do it! And make sure your little date looks great too! Pick out a cute outfit for them. Again, how often do you get to dress your little guy or gal up in those adorable outfits?
3. Go earlier: Lunch dates are the best with kids and here’s why: it’s in between naps, the restaurants are less busy which will keep the mom guilt to a minimum, and you won’t feel the need to apologize for a messy screaming baby (as much).
4. Let go of perfection: chances are something isn’t going to go right. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles. Do your best to accept the imperfections and move on. For both you and the kiddos you deserve a fun day out and about once in awhile.
5. Have fun: easy as that…just have fun…or else. Lol
Do you take you plan date day for you and the kids? What are your tricks?

18 thoughts on “Date Day for you and the Kids

  1. Holly

    Oh this is so hard. I have a 6 month old and a 2 year old. I used to go out on dates with my toddler but now that I have two kids, it is so hard.

  2. Jaclyn Bree

    I love this idea! I get out of the house with my Doll plenty, but it’s not special. I think it sounds like lots of fun to make it a date 🙂 And heck yeah, I can use the excuse to dress nice!

  3. Sam

    I take my 2 year old out for lunc, but have never thought to make a bit of a production of it. I like the idea of getting us all dressed up and going somewhere a bit special. Cute idea:)

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