Okay as a mom I think pretty much everyday about ways I can engage my kiddo in a fun way. Everything is a learning opportunity for a 1 year old and it is so fun to see him trying to figure out the way things work. 

So for my #atozchallenge ABCs of a Small Town SAHM, E is about education because I pretty much think about it every day. 

It might sound crazy or like I’m trying to deprive my child of play time but that is not the case at all. I promise. 

I just strive to find moments when he is playing or when we are going about our day to day routines to teach something. 

Having a child makes you realize that a lot of what we adults do every day, something as simple as washing our hands or using a fork, are things we had to learn at some point.

So while we were traveling about this past week I was struggling to find a way to get out of the hotel and find a way to engage the little dude which isn’t always easy in an unfamiliar area! 

But I found a zoo. 

He saw some new animals, had a chance to practice his walking skills and met a couple of kids his own age on the playground. 

He has been kind of apprehensive about going down slides on his own but when he saw the other kids his age. He actually independently used a slide. 

Education in play.