A recent throwback photo showed up on my Facebook timeline the other day. It was a photo from college of my friend and I together on a hike through the woods. The memory sparked a conversation between my friend and I about committing more time to doing the things that made us happy the way hiking, camping, skiing, etc. made us feel when the memory was captured in that throwback photo.
Adulthood has a way of making us push ourselves aside and exerting our time and energy on things that don’t necessarily make us happy. We spend extra hours at work to help our co-workers out, we conform to a dress code pushing our own style off to the weekends and evenings and when we get that free time we spend all week waiting for we busy ourselves with laundry, dishes, cleaning, or helping others.
Anyways, my friend and I have had some life changes and agreed to take this time to help each other get back into exploring the way we used to before we started adulting so dang much!
I know my friend has some different things she would like to get back into but for me I hope to spend more time outdoors, lay on the grass reading, doing more yoga again (kinda slowed down on this one while I was pregnant), hiking with my friend, going for long walks for no reason, and of course spending a few Friday night’s sitting by the fire pit.
So, I’ve decided to dedicate a portion of this blog to exploring where I will share some of the fun adventures we get into!
I want to make time to walk in the woods or stroll around the neighborhood with my little man
I want to wear jeans and nerdy t-shirts
I want to sit around the fire pit with my hubby and talk about our days
I want to do a warrior pose on the beach on a summer morning
Most of all I want to make time to find myself again!

What are some things you used to enjoy doing but have seemed to have left behind in the process of growing up?
How to you find time for your own interests?

3 thoughts on “Exploring Again

  1. Molly Martineau

    I love your thoughts on this! I personally also want to be spending more time outside, and reading more. College has killed my love of reading for fun because I know that I always have a textbook I should be reading instead. To combat that, I’ve bought some really good ones lately that I’m actually excited about!

    Just an idea for you- have you heard of Geocaching? It’s like a scavenger hunt you do with your phone, so it could be a really motivating way to get back out in nature!

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