I know this title for my #atozchallenge – Food Fun and Farts – sounds ridiculous..Well, it is. But I cannot think of a better way to sum up my life some days. 

Food…How many other people are like me in that all I think about is the next meal I am going to eat. Like, seriously, when I would work I would be sitting there at 9:30 a.m. planning out what I would have for lunch. Some nights I would go to bed and be so excited to have breakfast in the morning. I love food.

Now that my job is to make sure my son doesn’t starve or fall down the stairs, I think about food 24/7. What food will I make for breakfasts, which foods are we out of, food is hidden in the couch, etc.

So as mundane as it sounds…. Food is like way up there on the ABCs of my life.

Fun…Well when I’m not thinking about food I’m thinking about fun ways to get our kids mind working. 

So although the job can be tiring, not a lot of people can say one of their top responsibilities is to have fun. 

Farts…Well I live with two boys. Enough said.