In honor of everyone heading back to school, Baby H and I decided to hit the books, too. And after some very close examination and experimentation we have come up with a list of baby-approved books. And since my little man has not learned to write a blog post yet (What!? tee hee), I thought I would share his list of Baby-Approved Books from a 6 Month Old!

Harrison had some very important criteria when coming up with this list:

  • Can I chew on this book (extra points for it being tasty and feeling good on his gums)
  • How pretty are the pictures?
  • Is Mommy able to make a fool of herself while reading it?
  • Extra credit for rhyming!

With his requirements in mind we got to work, and let me tell you it was tiring. We had to take a break to check out some of the pillows in our reading corner. Eventually we did come up with our top 5 books, and here they are!


H’s Top 5 Books:

    1. Giraffes Can’t Dance: We have this book in board book format so he definitely can chew on it without biting chunks of the pages off. The illustrations are so bright and fun, too – we love all the animals in the story. Mommy loves to read this in different animal voices and on a good day will probably try to copy all the different dance styles mentioned throughout the story. And ding ding ding, we have a rhyming book here! The best part is the moral of the story is that we all can dance, we just have to find our special music.
    2. Little Blue Truck: Again, in board book form, this book can make a toy for H as well as literature. We like to really get into the voices when the trucks get stuck and cheer at the end of the story. The pictures are very sweet and almost rustic feeling. The lesson behind this book is to be kind to everyone we meet, no matter what!
    3. Star Wars Golden Books: We received the box set of the Star Wars Golden Books as a gift for the little man since we were going to do a Star Wars theme in his nursery. And, from the first time I read these books to him he would listen to 3 or 4 at a time and in the early days I was lucky to get him to sit through one book at a time. Plus, they have a great story line AND awesome pictures!
    4. Wuthering Heights (BabyLit Board Book): This book is SO cute, they have picture around the moors of Wuthering Heights that depict all the different types of weather terms! Wuthering Heights is one of Momma’s all time favorite books so I especially love introducing the little one to the general booksidea of the book. The pictures are so bright and fun and Harrison loves just flipping through this one on his own. I actually keep this in the car for entertainment on long rides.
    5. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom: Hello, this is a classic and I love it! So I force my likes on my child haha just kidding. But for real though I remember wanting to borrow this from the library ALL the time as a kiddo and then we received the board book version for my little man from his Godparents as an Easter gift. This book has great pictures and is a really fun alternative to the alphabet!

So……What’s your favorite!?

Do you have a favorite book? What are some of your favorites for the different age ranges?

11 thoughts on “Fall Favorites: Baby-Approved Books From A 6 Month Old

  1. Niki @ Toot's Mom is Tired

    I’ve heard so many good things about Giraffes Can’t Dance. I need to get it! Right now my daughter’s favorites include the Little Einsteins library of mini books. They come in a box set and they’re about 3×3 with 5 or 6 pages each but she LOVES them.

    1. Lacey Post author

      Oh nice….I will have to check those out. Those little books are fun for the kiddos! And you definitely need to add Giraffes Can’t Dance to your library. It’s so cute!

  2. Marisa

    Wuthering Heights for babies! That’s amazing.
    I’ve heard of Giraffes can’t dance, it sounds super cute.
    Thanks for the recommendations!

  3. Leah

    My son is having a Little Blue Truck birthday party son! I can’t wait! For the party, at least. I can wait for him to turn 1 ;/

  4. Savannah Baker

    At 18 months old, board books are still our favorite! My son’s favorites tend to be books that he can interact with (lifting the flap, squeeking a nose, etc), so it gives me a chance to really get into the book with him! I totally need to get the Giraffes Can’t Dance book! “On the Night You Were Born” is one of my favorites, we’ve had it since he was little little (: Thanks for sharing <3

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