So this is essentially the first post in a weekly, year-long challenge to myself to have more fun and mix things up when it comes to playtime in our home.
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Long story short everything I do will be somewhat spontaneous which is perfect for mixing it up.

ThisΒ  week me and the kiddo jumped right in and decided to mix playtime up by celebrating the season.

Enjoy the Season

With fall weather in full swing and it being Halloween and all. It was the perfect time to make a special effort to enjoy the season.


What better way to use left over craft scraps then to make your kiddo laugh his head off.

The best part about something like making a special effort to enjoy whatever season it is, is that there are so many activities special to each season that you can do with your kiddo, no matter what age they may be.

Visit an Orchard

My first thought was a visit to the orchard and pumpkin patch is in order because no matter how old you or your kids are, this is a great activity and here’s why:

  1. So many photo opps! This is the perfect time to snap a ton of pictures the kids can look back on later and remember all the years you visited the orchard in the fall.
  2. Apple Launching: This is even fun for the babies who are too young to actually do the launching. But this is a great thing for them to watch. Sensory at play!
  3. Hayrides: You get a major sense of camaraderie on a hayride in my opinion. You can chat with friendly strangers and the kids get a chance to check out all the scenes.
  4. Picking out Pumpkins: Obviously this is the best part. Kids feel like they have control when they get to pick out their favorite shape and size of pumpkin before they carve it. Because, you are going to go home and carve pumpkins afterward, right?
  5. Other kiddos: My little man loved all the activities at the orchard like swinging and hayriding but I think he enjoyed watching the bigger kids playing. Socialization at its finest! πŸ™‚



We also….

Fall and orchards seem to go hand in hand, but there are so many fun ways to celebrate the season no matter how old your kiddos are.

Here’s what else we did to celebrate the season:

  1. Played in the leaves. For the little little ones this is a great way to put those motor skills to work. For older kids this is a good time to get them to help out by raking leaves up and then rewarding them with a great big pile to jump in.
  2. Did an outdoor photo shoot: With leaves falling all around us and a slight over cast made for some great photos. This is fun for kids, get them all dressed up or let them pick out outfits and head to the backyard for a photo shoot. Let the kids play in the leaves and capture their big smiles.
  3. Read scary stories: Okay well we read Itsy Bitsy Pumpkin over and over and over in honor of Halloween. Not so scary. But you get the idea. This is way more fun than sitting in front of a TV.

So, what are your favorite ways to celebrate the season in the fall? Do you live in a place that gets four distinct season a year?

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  1. Shahira

    It is a pity we do not have orchards around here. I would so love to visit one with my baby girl. Also that laughing video..so adorable.

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