G is for Grace in my #atozchallenge parenting requires a lot of grace and in many forms of the word. 

You’ve heard people giving a “grace period” well I think the whole Parenthood is a grace period for some of us. You are learning everyday. Learning about yourself, about your spouse, about your child. Learning how to be a better parent, learning how to accept things you cannot change. 

And honestly if there is one thing I’ve learned the past 14 months is everything i do and accomplish is all by the grace of God.

I’m sure any person – whether they are a parent, a journalist, a waitress, a student, a whatever – can relate when I say it is hard to find extra time for reflection. 

We live in a society that pressures us to be busy, busy, busy. Even children suffer from the pressure to constantly be doing something. 

So how can we find time to reflect on the grace we are given? 

Well thanks to a recent opportunity to review a new coloring book Inkspirations: The Art of Grace I am excited to try a new way to reflect on Grace.

Some people are awesome at Bible journaling others are really focused in their Bible study. Me…I struggle in all of that. 

The Art of Grace is full of beautiful images accompanied with Bible verses and inspirational messages to reflect on as you color away. 

I love that this combines the stress relief of a coloring book AND Bible study. I just love that this offers a chance to reflect on a message of the day while coloring…A perfect way to combine creativity with your faith.

I haven’t actually made time to sit down and delve into coloring yet but this is definitely something a mom or student or whoever can sit down and work on with a cup of coffee. 

Or better yet get a few copies and have a coloring party with your friends. 

What would you do with your own copy? 

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