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You know those homes you walk into and they are so perfect and put together it makes you think, “Wow, these people have their shit together (pardon my language)” Every decoration they have seems to have special purpose and thought put into it. Every knick knack and picture frame just totally work together for a greater good.

Yeah, well, that is so not my house. And, I’m okay with that. I am quirky and I have an eclectic taste in things so my house may not look like it came out of an issue of Country Living or anything like that. But, I do try to add some things around the house to make it feel homey.

One thing that gets me is the fact that I grew up a small town country girl and I still want to live in the country. But, we currently live in town. Our house in town is great and our location is in a neighborhood away from downtown so it really doesn’t bother me too much. But, when adding decor to our house, I always think it’s fun to bring that farmhouse feel to our house in town.

So, when I heard about a company called Gable Lane Crates  I was just a little bit excited. Gable Lane Crates is a monthly box service that ships home decor right to your house! They have a different theme each month and different levels of boxes you can order. This totally appealed to me for three reasons: 1. It’s like a personal interior designer selecting items for your home that “go together” and that are in line with the trends at the moment, 2. they made the claim that the items would blend with most other home decor items that you already own and 3. they are affordable.

Okay this sounded awesome to me and when I received my box, I was not disappointed.

Here’s how my Gable Lane Crate added a little farm to the city….

First of all, this opportunity to try out a Gable Lane Crate for the first time could not have come at a better time because in July they were selling Farmhouse themed crates! What!? That’s great. I opted for one of the smaller boxes, but once I ordered I felt regretful and wished I would have order something larger. I suspected that when the smaller option box arrived I would feel disappointed with only a couple items. But, boy I was wrong.

I opened the box and found five items. And here’s what they were.

  1. A Farm Sweet Farm box sign
  2. A White Embossed Vase
  3. A Clipboard Style Frame
  4. A Boxwood Topiary
  5. Farmall Tractor Picture

It was really easy to find special places for each of these items and I have to admit, 2 of the 5 items just had to go in our sun porch. The sun porch is my favorite room because it is off the back of our house and looks out onto a field which is currently growing field corn and it just makes it feel like we live in the country. Perfect for a little farmhouse decor.

The topiary made its way into our front room where it is accompanied by my Welcome to the Coop sign. It made the perfect combo since it added a pop of color to the previously black and white area. Now the green of the topiary draws the eye. (This Gable Lane Crate thing is already making me sound more like I know what I’m talking about when it come to interior design…doesn’t it? It’s a miracle.)

The picture frame is still holding the Farmall Tractor picture that it came with, I might switch it out, I might not. Right now it works. I loved the addition of the rustic frame to the screened in sun porch backdrop! Currently obsessed.

Now with all of these farmhouse additions, I might have to change the name of the sun porch to our farm porch. No? Okay maybe not, but I’m just saying.

Needless to say, after trying my first ever Gable Lane Crate I would definitely order one again and obviously I would recommend it to my friends, since that’s what I’m doing right now. If you’re interested in checking them out you can get in on their August themed box which is Creating Vignettes with a Coffee Table Vignette and Mantle Vignette are on sale now or you can check out their Crate Schedule here for some more upcoming themes.

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  1. Laura

    Alright, I’ve been wanting to purchase one of their crates…and I love everything that was in this one, I’m going to need to just do it! You styled everything so perfectly!!

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