Multi tasking has never been a strength for me. I can do it. I do do it. But it can be a real struggle sometimes. But I bet if we were sitting together right now you would never guess what I am doing right now.
As a momma, I am so busy that even showering gets put on the back burner. But thanks to my newest collaboration with Smile Brilliant I can get Professional teeth whitening at home.
And if that’s not cool enough I can do it while I’m running after my little man!
Now I am gonna be real with you here. I am always a little skeptical about teeth whitening. I’ve tried teeth whitening toothpaste, whitening strips, you name it and never seem to get results. I drink like A LOT  of coffee so I kind of just accepted that not having bright white teeth AND being a coffee lover would never work together.

When Smile Brilliant contacted me about reviewing their product I decided to give it a try.
First, they sent me a kit and when I opened it up I saw putty and mold trays. What the heck!? I had never seen this in any of my other teeth whitening attempts.
Get this…You actually get a custom fitted teeth whitening tray. You just put the putty in the tray and get a mold of your teeth. Let it dry and send it back in.
It didn’t seem to take long before my custom trays arrived at my doorstep so I could start whitening. They even came in a nice travel case which I loved. It keeps them safe and I can throw it in my overnight bag when we travel to visit family.
With the first kit you receive syringes for whitening and for desensitizing. Each syringe contains enough gel for 3-4 uses. You just squeeze a little into the tray and pop the trays in your mouth.
What you do while you whiten with Smile Brilliant is really up to you. I usually take this time to multi-task and play with my little toddler boy, wash some dishes, vacuum, whatever. But it’s super nice that you can just pop these trays in and not feel like goop is dripping off your teeth or something (haha) I actually forget I have them in sometimes since they are custom fit…I set a timer so I don’t forget completely.
Guys, I seriously noticed a difference after my very first use. Check out the difference between my before picture and then just after ONE use.

Since I noticed results from Smile Brilliant so quickly it was easy to stick with it.
Here’s results from the beginning and after a week of use.
My coffee stained teeth have actually been whitened…at home!

Are you interested in trying it out? They make is super easy and quick for everyone. Even busy moms like me. Here’s what to know before buying.

Whitening Teeth At Home

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5 thoughts on “How to get professional teeth whitening at home

  1. Maria

    I have seen so many different types of whitening products, and they all seem like they do wonders. I’m currently making a top 5 list to try out. I know that for years, from the coffee and all sorts of acidic things I drink makes my teeth yellow. Thanks for the suggestions and review.

  2. Roberta Perrone

    Love the video and your teeth are SOOO white… defeninalty somthing to check out, I have also tried a few thigs, but nothing that I am able to stick with. Entered the giveaway, fingers crossed 🙂

  3. LU

    Loved the video – your teeth look amazing!!! Definitely looks worthwhile 🙂 Can’t wait to try it

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