The other night I was tossing and turning in bed for probably three hours. I have been thinking so much about life goals, goals for the blog, and goals for my family in general. And, thinking of one goal leads to another and another and another, before I know it I am aiming to completely abandon every thing I’ve ever known just because a new year is upon us.

So, that’s just the question. Why are we setting a million different goals for ourselves? We can always be better, yes, but we can also celebrate who and what we already are. Can’t we?

I had set goals for the blog and the list initially looked something like this:

  • Grow my email list
  • Get 10K followers on both Instagram and Twitter
  • Post at least twice a week on the blog
  • Approach 12 brands for sponsored work
  • Be more organized with my social media groups and tribes
  • Have at least a months worth of posts scheduled ahead

Then, I really wanted to set some goals for my personal life:

  • Read more
  • Spend less time on my phone & computer
  • Be more present with my family
  • Drink more water
  • Workout more
  • Make more time for outdoor activities with my little man
  • Revisit abandoned hobbies like crocheting & sewing
  • Make more time for devotionals & Bible Study
  • Designate one day a month to my alone time
  • …and my number one was to SIMPLIFY (spending less time running errands, sending emails, shopping online, buying more stuff to clean around, you get the picture).

Then, it hit me, I feel like it is all so counter-intuitive right now to be adding more to my already messy plate. Is it?

Can I life a simpler life void of computer and phone time and still enjoy my blogging hobby? Is it possible to make more ME time and still be more present with my family?

Well…after all of the tossing and turning the other night, I answered my own question. Yes, yes it is possible to do this and the way to do it and to do it with out feeling like your adding even more to your schedule is to look at it as organizing what you already have going on.

And to start off slowly.

Mistake #1:

My number one problem is that when I list out my goals I feel like they need to get done on the first of the year. Instead, we need to use our goals as a map for the entire year.

Mistake #2

I also have the problem of trying to solve every single problem I have ever had in my entire life. So, we just have to pick a few goals, once we get through those. Then set more.

Mistake #3

I never set long term goals. Most of the goals I have set are attainable goals and they are attainable in the short term but then it leaves you wondering where to go from there.

Mistake #4

Don’t beat yourself up for not being successful right away. They are goals not life or death situations. I usually get frustrated for not being successful and then give up.

What are your goals, and mostly how are you setting better goals this year?

2 thoughts on “Hello 2017

  1. Lacey

    I agree Leah! It is such a tough thing to balance. But I have been just spending the past week or so away from social media and it has really cleared my head. I feel like I can write on the blog without being as influenced by what everyone else has been posting.
    And, I have actually been writing my posts a little differently which I plan to share later on the blog!

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