Yeah, let’s face it. Everyone has to clean. In no way did I ever dream of becoming a housekeeper, and if you are annoyed by people who try to keep their house clean, this post probably isn’t going to interest you very much. 

But, never the less, my #atozchallenge for day H is Housekeeping. 

I don’t know when it happened, but at some point in my life I became a tad obsessed with having control over the way things are organized and that there is some semblance of tidiness in my living environment. I wasn’t neat and tidy in college but sometime after my mom died I became very controlling over keeping my living space just so. I think it was a way to deal with my emotions. Stress cleaning gives me a clear goal and I can see the progress as I clean, unlike actual stress which is hard to find a clear path on how to ‘tidy it up’ and channel it. 

Now that I am a SAHM, I see the house everyday and want it even more to be orderly to some extent, but with a toddler running around, a lot of days I just want to give up. 

It wasn’t until I read Martha Stewart’s 752 page Homekeeping Handbook (yes I actually READ this book) that I realized my need for order in the home can be a hobby and one that I don’t have to be a slave to – something that actually gives me joy. 

This book was my motivation to really excel as a homemaker. And I know some may feel that actually WANTING to be a homemaker is not okay as a feminist, but feminism is all about giving women the choice and a voice, not to judge others (that is probably a topic to discuss all on it’s own at a later time). 

But, making our house a home is actually part of my job right now and before I actually accepted and embraced that, I had a real hard time feeling like I had a role as a SAHM. 

I felt judged and I felt like I didn’t accomplish as much as a SAHM (but let’s be real, keeping another human being alive is actually a lot of work all on it’s own, but the job roles aren’t as concrete as a cleaning list).

But thanks to Martha I have a set list of things I can do every day, something that I have physically accomplished at the end of the week. 

If you’re not sold, I can tell you having something to do like this got me out of my SAHM slump, because when my little man is napping I have something to do besides browse the internet, compare my life to other people on social media, watch TV shows, and all around just feeling sorry for myself. 

Instead of all that, now I get up and get stuff done and it makes me feel happy to have something to do that is a visible accomplishment, something that benefits my family. 

My husband and son (who is 14 months old, so obviously) do not care one bit how clean our house is and my husband often tells me he does not know how I keep up with H and get so much done around the house everyday. 

I know he appreciates what I do. 

The homekeeping, that’s for me. 

It can be stressful if I let it be. 

But, I finally found the right mindset.

I am a Happy Housekeeper.