Ever since I started my new blog back in January of this year, I have had the most difficult time narrowing down the focus of So(Lace) in a Small Town. It was seriously struggle bus central over here in Southern Minnesota. Struggle. Bus. Central.

But, I knew I wanted to blog and I knew I wanted to share my love for small towns and being a mommy, but let’s face it, I was all over the board. Bless the hearts of all my blogging friends who have tried to follow along on this attempt so far.

Now, let us also keep in mind that I have been a professional writer for the past four plus years and have blogged for several years before starting this blog. But for some reason I just could not focus here.

Fret not, because today it happened, I narrowed down my focus and I think I might share with you how that happened! Besides it being nothing short of a miracle…miracles DO happen!

How I Used Pinterest to Find My Blogging Niche

I have a Facebook page for my blog, Instagram, Twitter, you know all the necessities. And, I had a personal Pinterest account. I knew I should probably join the crowd and add a Pinterest account for So(Lace) in a Small Town.

So, today I hopped on my handy dandy Pinterest app, all whilst watching two little boys under a year old thank you very much, and I started adding boards.

Finally, it dawned on me. I have something very cool to offer people. I live in a small town in Minnesota, I am married to a farmer and I am a new mom. People can relate to one of these things and if they can’t, I know I have learned things from each role that I can share with others.

So I made a Mom Life board. A great place to share all my posts about being a new Momma!

I moved on to my role as a Farm Wife. Boom…let’s share recipes and cleaning tips here because Lord knows I have a farmer who tracks mud in to our home in town which was definitely not designed for a dirty farmer. Dirty, dirty farmer.

Next I created a board all about my favorite place in the whole world Minnesota and here’s where my real passion came and what I think is going to be the most fun portion of my blog – MN 365. This Pinterest board is where I’m going to share my adventures in Minnesota everyday, and I’m going to use this section to challenge you do find something fun to do in your own backyard as well.

So thanks to Pinterest, I have finally been able to FOCUS. Who would have ever though such a usually distracting app would help me focus.

Here’s how YOU can use Pinterest to narrow your blog focus, too

Okay, so I know this post totally inspired you to head over to Pinterest, so when you do I hope it will help you narrow your focus down and simplify your blogging life too. Here’s some unsolicited advice on how to do it!

  1. Start from square one: This is what I did and is exactly why it worked. I never took the time to break my thoughts down before starting my new blog. I think that is a mistake a lot of people make. So if you think you have a train of thought, step back from it and start from the very beginning. You might be surprised that what you were hoping to focus on and what you are actually writing about are very different things. It is on my blog, just go back and read any of the posts…no common theme whatsoever.
  2. Use a new Pinterest account: or reorganize your old boards. Use the boards on Pinterest a story board for you blog topics. Do they work together? Do they fit a theme? Are the topics something that others will find helpful? Making new boards or reorganizing old ones will help you to visualize your blog in the form of pictures.
  3. If you create new boards for your account, take time to write a description for each one: This is where things really started to come together for me. As I wrote out what I wanted to pin on each board I started to think about why each topic interested me and it reignited my excitement for blogging. Writing a description also keeps you accountable to stay on track with each category or board for your blog.
  4. Add current blog posts: Now that you have organized or created some boards for your blog that are a bit more in line with your vision (hopefully) go back and add your existing blog posts to the correct board. Do they fit with your new categories? Can you edit the posts to fit better? I know I have a number of nonsensical blog posts that I will probably be deleting or revamping to fit my blog’s vision now. Do you?
  5. Revisit the categories on your actual blog: Now that you have created some boards on Pinterest, maybe it is time to go back to your blog and change your categories there. Perhaps make them the same as the categories on you Pinterest account! This is probably going to make things a little easier to navigate for your readers too!

So, now that I’ve got that off my chest I’m going to have to go tend to the little ones who decided to wake up from their naps at the same time! In the mean time….

Let’s talk…

Have you stumbled across a great way to find the niche of your blog? That can be the most frustrating thing so if this post helped you or could help a friend please share!

13 thoughts on “How Pinterest Helped Me Find My Blogging Niche

  1. Robin McMahon

    Great info! Thanks! Pinterest is seriously my favorite of all social media networks. I just came across your page and really look forward to following! Thanks again for the great info!

    1. Lacey Post author

      Hi Robin it’s awesome of you to stop by and say hello I look forward to chatting more with you! I agree Pinterest is great…it gets better every time I use it!

    1. Lacey Post author

      I haven’t gotten in to the secret boards and stuff yet. Before I added Pinterest for my blog I had just been using it to look for cute haircuts haha

  2. Jill

    Pinterest is one of my very favorite social media boards. I use secret boards for my blog things 🙂 Thanks for a great post, glad I found you and your blog! I think You are an excellent writer!

  3. Jen Enoch

    This is GREAT! While reading this, I found myself hovering over “open new tab” to open my pinterest! I started by hiding my boards that don’t fit into the theme of my blog, and even editing the descriptions. This encouraged me to finish what I started…now I have to tackle those group boards…

  4. Jenny

    Pinterest is my favorite site for bringing more traffic to my blog and really being able to find great inspiration.

    xoxo, Jenny

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