We found out we were pregnant sometime last spring. I suppose if I count backwards it was probably May when we realized the good news. And, I have to say I was not sure what to expect from pregnancy. Some women have a good go of it, some not so much. Some just love the baby bump while others do not have that glow. I saw some friends and family members go through both sides of the road during their pregnancies and I tried to guess how I would fare but I just couldn’t. But I never would have guessed that I would come out of the experience saying that pregnancy spoiled me.

Okay, okay, okay…it wasn’t actually the act of being pregnant that spoiled me.

No, it was actually something else…an outside factor of pregnancy that really did it.

It was…it was….my husband!

Here’s how my pregnancy spoiled me:

At first the initial excitement of being pregnant overtook everything, but that did not last long. Eventually the morning sickness hit and I was constantly woozy and tired. TOTAL GLAM!

Eventually the uneasy stomach passed and then the tummy started to arrive.

And with the stomach came all of the congratulations and comments about our pregnancy. Although you might think it is nice getting a lot of kind words (which it was don’t get me wrong) but pregnancy sent my social anxiety soaring and I didn’t know how to handle all the extra attention.

So, now I am tired, pudgy and socially anxious (more so than usual). SO…NO I am not going to send you my latest belly bump picture.

And now you are all reading this and agreeing I have gone completely insane. “She said she was spoiled.” “By spoiled she must mean she is selfish and wanted to complain about the great blessing of being pregnant.” You’re right…I am selfish for complaining, but that’s not the point of this post at all.

Despite all of these things I found to complain to my husband about, there was one thing that never changed. His support and kind heart that got me through the very long last weeks before our little buddy was born.

I would say I’m sorry but I don’t feel like going out.

Or, Get away from me I’m crabby

Or, We NEED to clean the house, do the dishes, finish the nursery.

Despite all of the nagging, complaining, whining, etc. There was Brice ready with a back massage, willing to run to the store for whatever it was I needed, and a listening ear there for all of my whining and complaining.

I was spoiled.

Now, just two months after giving birth, I am still being spoiled by my man but I can’t say I have returned the favor.

He is quick to jump up and change diapers. He doesn’t hesitate to grab me a glass of water when I’m breastfeeding. He understands when I’m too tired to do anything but crash at 8 p.m. He offers to hang out with Harrison when I want to get a haircut or go shopping with a girlfriend.

I am lucky that my husband was able to be here with me during the last few weeks of pregnancy and the first two months of parenthood.

I am spoiled.

But, mostly I know that I will be spoiled with an amazing husband for the rest of my life and my son (and potential other children) will be spoiled with lots of love from an amazing father.

What will I do when spring comes in full swing and he hits the fields for planting?

All I know is that I hope I don’t take his kindness and helpfulness for granted.

Many mothers and wives might not be so lucky to be blessed with such an awesome man.

I’m not spoiled…I’m blessed.

So, comment below. How did pregnancy suit you? Who was your support system through it all?