Okay so for me a big part about being a mom is making time for yourself. And that is not an easy thing to do, but I have been doing my best to focus on that a little bit every day. One way I plan to do that is to get back into my yoga practice.
I first learned about yoga when I was in 10th grade (like 13 years ago…geez..) and I did yoga and meditation with a group of my friends in high school. I continued yoga a little bit in college when we did it for an Aerobics class I was enrolled in…woo. But after college I found myself getting into running more than anything else because that relieved stress and cleared my mind better than anything else.
Then cue the pregnancy. When I became preggo I did NOT feel like running, walking or even moving….bleh. But I did feel like yoga-ing. So I did. And it reignited the joy I found in yoga when I was back in high school.
Now that my little one is 4 months old and is enjoying watching me do yoga and can play with his toys when he gets bored of my yoga practice; I can finally dedicate time to it.
So you want to stand out in yoga class?
Now you probably came to read this blog post to find out how to perfect those headstands or master your posture so you can stand out in your yoga class…
Well if that’s what you’re looking for…get outta here because this is way more superficial than that.
Pshhh this post is about using your material possessions to stand out.
I’m going to show you how I plan to stand out in my next yoga class.
It is all about the yoga mat…
Now I have to give a little shout out to my girrrl Hilary over at http://www.sweetiepieslife.com because we were shopping together the other day and saw yoga mats for sale and we both wanted to buy one. But they were both like the same color…we plan to do yoga together this summer which means we will probably mix our mats up more than once. She said I guess I will just have to paint mine.
No way girl…I’m painting mine! (I am a big old idea stealer)
So that night I went home busted out the paint brushes and acrylic paint and got to work.
Making it your own
So let me give you some tips on how to make your yoga mat unique and possibly even help you in your yoga and meditation practice.
1. Before deciding what to paint think about what means something to you or what is going to motivate you.
2. Once you decide the design think about your skill level. If you’re super artistic, then you can probably free hand. If not, make or use stencils.
3. Take your time. Google similar ideas on the internet. And When you start to paint take your time.
Here’s How it went for me…


1. I thought about this for a hot second and knew I wanted to transform my yoga mat into a Yoda mat! And I though about mantras and decided to stray from the classic om mantra and take the Jedi approach! My mantra as a new mom is going to come straight from Yoda….”Do or do not, there is no try.” I love Star Wars and knew this would make me excited to use my new mat as much as possible.


2. I am only semi artistic so I decided to make stencils by printing what I wanted on the mat off into cardstock paper and cutting out the words and designs.

Then I taped the stencils on with painters tape to start applying the paint.


From there I used acrylic paints to start filling in the text and design. First I painted it white to give it a white rigid border so the outer edge wasn’t perfectly straight.
I let the white dry over night and the next morning I hit it with the color!
Finally I removed the stencils and left my Yoda mat to dry in our sun porch for a few hours.


3. Now I said take your time only because I didn’t I was too excited. I’m lucky it turned out how I pictured it. But Sometimes one isn’t so lucky lol. Don’t wanna screw up, do ya?
Let’s talk…
Are you into yoga? Ready to paint your own mat? Please share your designs and if you found this post helpful share it with your friends and family!

10 thoughts on “How To Stand Out In Yoga Class

  1. Shann

    I love how you painted your yoga mat!!! Star Wars is awesome! Now, do you have to worry about it coming off if you sweat on it or anything? Just curious because I’ve never seen one painted before.

    1. Lacey Post author

      You can seal it with like Mod Podge or something but I didn’t I’m not to worried if it eventually rubs off I’ll just paint it back on. But if you paint the area of the mat that you use a lot or paint the whole thing I would look into sealing it.

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