Okay, so ,I was introduced to Boho Betty a couple of weeks ago and promptly fell in love with their accessories. I know, I know it sounds scripted…whatev….if you’re going to judge just excuse yourself! Lol.

I am kind of a frugal person especially when it comes to certain things. If I think I have enough of something I usually talk myself out of buying more. But, when I first browsed the Boho Betty website, I ended up filling my cart with their bracelets and ended up purchasing 3 (which is a lot for me. Usually I would only order one thing if it’s my first time with a company.) I loved so many of the bracelets I sort of wanted them all….


I ordered them and they shipped so fast. I was surprised when they showed up in the mail just a few days later…people I shipped these for free and they still came this quickly! This was great because my husband and I had a weekend trip to NYC coming up and I NEEDED new accessories!

When they arrived…I almost didn’t want to open them….the packaging was too cute.

I ordered three of the more blingy bracelets because I wanted to expand my horizons…I’m usually more subdued in my fashion.

But I was so glad for the variety. They jazz up my outfits perfectly.

I gravitated more toward the Adder bracelet on our NYC trip mostly because of the magnetic clasp made it easy to grab and snap on while hurrying out the door.

The Cats Eye Silver Studded Wrap is blingy but casual enough, in my opinion, to wear with pretty much anything. I wore it to feel cuter during our flight home. It worked 🙂

Boho Betty is affordable, stylish and have a great variety to fit anyone’s style…even a small town gal! If you want to check them out click here and be sure to use code SOLACE_IN_A_SMALL_TOWN for 20% off of your order. If you know a friend who might love these bracelets as well you can share the coupon code below with them…spread the Boho Betty love.

3 thoughts on “ My Boho Betty Style

  1. Leah

    Those are so pretty! I really like the dark gray one you’re wearing in the photo. I always forget to wear bracelets. Maybe this would encourage me 🙂

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