When I first came home with my little man we spent a LOT of time eating. And I don’t mean me eating cheeseburgers and pizza, I mean the babe was nursing nonstop. No one warned me that I would barely have time to get up to pee between his feedings….seriously.

I was lucky that he latched on right away in the hospital and nursed like a pro from the get go. But, he wanted to eat at least every hour and as other breastfeeding moms probably know, newborns aren’t the quickest at nursing at first.

So, long story short, I was pretty much constantly breastfeeding in the first weeks (or months). There are two things I was grateful for during those times. Number one was that my husband was home with us and was on diaper duty. The second was Netflix.

That’s right, Netflix. We took the time I spent nursing to camp out in front of the TV to binge watch some great series and so I thought I would share some of my favorite shows on Netflix right now for anyone else who might need to camp out while breastfeeding in hyper mode!

Top 10 Shows to Binge Watch While Breastfeeding

  1. Grace and Frankie: I had been meaning to check this show out for a looonngg time but never really had the time to sit down and start it. But, this was the perfect time. And, I am so glad I was able to. This show is funny and is all about the girl power, which is totally coursing through your veins after giving birth. Seriously, if you have a sense of humor, you will more than likely appreciate this show.
  2. Stranger Things: Okay, if you have stepped foot on the internet in the past month or so, you must have already heard a billion awesome things about this show already. So what are you waiting for? I mean, this came out after my breastfeeding hyper mode days but this is definitely a show you can sit down and get into if you need to.
  3. When Calls the Heart: This is a Hallmark series and has those feel-good values. The first couple of episodes were a little slow for me, but once I got a little further into it I was hooked. It has a little romance, but it’s mainly about some bad ass ladies who live in a coal mining town. More girl power!
  4. Supernatural: There are 10 seasons of this on Netflix right now, so it gives you plenty of entertainment. The hubby and I got into this show big time, but have had to take a couple of breaks from it here and there since it can get sort of intense and gory sometimes. But, it has humor and suspense and the overlying story line sucks you in.
  5. Freaks and Geeks: This is quite possibly one of the best shows ever made. If you watched it when it was originally on TV like I did, rewatching it will be a real treat! When we were going to start it I told my husband, “This show is SO funny.” Then I thought what if it’s not as good as I remember it being. Well, it’s better than I remember…so that means it’s like super good. If you  have never seen this before, then you must watch now, have you been hiding under a rock. Then you will understand why everyone was so upset when it got cancelled after just ONE season. SMH
  6. Friends: I have watched this series over and over and over and over like a billion times and it never stops being funny. So, when you’re pretty much stuck on the couch nursing nonstop, a little humor is just what you need.
  7. Gilmore Girls: THIS IS MY FAVORITE SHOW OF ALL TIME AND THEY ARE GIVING US MORE! Okay, sorry, I had to just shout it from the rooftops. Gilmore Girls is quick witted, funny, and coffee-y. You can’t beat a combination like that. There are seven seasons total and you should probably brush up on your Gilmore-isms before they release the new mini-series later this year.
  8. Cedar Cove: Okay, well, this is another Hallmark series and it is pretty cheesy but I liked it for some reason. It’s kind of soap opera-y but, I got hooked and it was light hearted so that made it easy to watch unlike some of the darker more intense shows on Netflix.
  9. New Girl: This is another funny sitcom that will lift your spirits when you feel stuck in the house and on the couch. I haven’t completely caught up on all of the episodes yet but its a good one to turn on every now and then.
  10. Pretty Little Liars: Yeah, I know. I am hooked on PLL. But, I have to say that as the seasons go on you get more and more conflicted about watching this show. I find myself saying “These girls are so dumb” and yet, I get sucked in after every single episode. I love watching this show and trying to guess who A is. They find a way to keep me coming back, that’s for sure. That’s what makes this a great one to watch on maternity leave or when you are stuck at home!

Let’s hear it….

What are your favorite shows to binge watch? Were there any series that you particularly enjoyed while on maternity leave? I would love to hear them. Also, if you enjoyed this post or think someone else needs a good list of shows to binge watch please pass this post along!


19 thoughts on “Netflix Playlist: Breastfeeding Edition

    1. Lacey Post author

      We really enjoyed how Nerdy the boys were. I think we felt more connected with the characters because we,were able to relate to them. Lol

    1. Lacey Post author

      Gilmore Girls is definitely my go to show when I need to watch something. Even though I have all the seasons in DVD it’s handy that they are in Netflix now!

  1. Jenna

    Didn’t breastfeed but my daughter wouldn’t nap unless it was on me in the ktan for the first year 15 months of her life. I binge watched once upon a time, gossip girl, dance academy, and i have watched gilmore girls so many times i can quote episodes from each season. In fact, now gilmore girls is my go to background noise when I am working!

  2. Kate

    Haha I love this!! I can’t remember everything I watched early on.. but I know I watched Transparent and the 100. I’m watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer now when I’m breastfeeding, a nice throw back to my childhood! Stranger Things is up next, I’ve heard so many good things about it
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  3. Neely

    Bookmarking this for February when I have my babe. This is a great list. I could watch gilmore girls a million times!

  4. Kayvona

    Oh my goodness I remember the those days with my first! I have no clue what I did while I was breastfeeding her every hour but I’m expecting my second in October and you definitely reminded me that I’ll be going through this again and Netflix will definitely be my best friend. I loved the Limitless Series on Netflix so far, I’ve been watch a ton of movies lately though but I keep hearing about this Strange Things show. I may have to watch that next!
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  5. Ike

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  6. Crystal

    My nursing days are over, but I binge watch DVR’ed shows once a week while I fold the laundry of 9 people who all seem to need to wear two outfits a day. I love Castle, but it might be hard on breastfeeding mom nerves. I am struggling to find a new show to watch. I can’t get netflix because I live out in the middle of nowhere with satellite internet with a data limit.

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