I grew up in a town with a population of about 700 people. But, we were located on a big, big lake — the second largest inland lake in Minnesota which is the land of 10,000 lakes. That means we had a lot of fisher folk and tourists visiting our little town on the weekends and during the summer. Most of my jobs growing up relied on the tourism. Resorts, restaurants, bars, and cute… Read more »

Okay so the name So(lace) in a Small Town is like a double meaning. It’s So Lacey in a Small Town meaning it will share a lot about my life in a small town, it also refers to Solace, like finding comfort in a small town. But, even if you don’t life in a small town, sometimes it is just the small town mindset that you can find comfort in. I personally feel way more… Read more »

We found out we were pregnant sometime last spring. I suppose if I count backwards it was probably May when we realized the good news. And, I have to say I was not sure what to expect from pregnancy. Some women have a good go of it, some not so much. Some just love the baby bump while others do not have that glow. I saw some friends and family members go through both sides… Read more »

So I’ve been away from the office (for the most part) for two months now and I have to say it’s been enlightening. Not only has it served as a time for bonding with my little man (and my main man or hubby) it has also given me some much needed perspective. But it’s not what you might think and it certainly isn’t what I thought I would discover while being away from work. I… Read more »

A recent throwback photo showed up on my Facebook timeline the other day. It was a photo from college of my friend and I together on a hike through the woods. The memory sparked a conversation between my friend and I about committing more time to doing the things that made us happy the way hiking, camping, skiing, etc. made us feel when the memory was captured in that throwback photo. Adulthood has a way… Read more »

I love writing and I’m quite introverted so sometimes writing is the best way for me to reach out. But, since becoming a journalist I have had the hardest time writing in my own voice about topics that truly interest me. Now don’t get me wrong, I love journalistic writing. But when it is your job to approach writing from an unbiased, non-slanted view, it makes writing about your own thoughts and opinions a little… Read more »

This is my story… I have had a lot on my plate lately, as well as, a lot on my mind. With my career being put on hold and a little bundle of joy on the way I have been finding myself with more questions than answers. And one of those big questions that I cannot seem to shake is, “How can I be more connected to God?” Having grown up only partially involved in… Read more »

So, you’ve probably stumbled around the internet long enough to find my blog, whether you know me, we are friends, family members or soon-to-be friends. Regardless, I’m glad to have you reading another post I’ve written, because as I explained in my very first blog post – I’m just here to write. But, since you are here and reading what I have to write, I guess I might owe you a little explanation as to… Read more »

  Hello Friends! Welcome to the new blog. Many of you probably know I am a writer and have had a blog in the past. Well, I’m back with a new one – a clean slate, if you will. My last blog was started about six years ago as a way to continue writing on a regular basis, then I entered my career as a journalist and fulfilled my daily writing in the office. But,… Read more »