I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% my own!

At the beginning of the year, like most everyone else in the world. My brain was working overtime trying to decide what my ‘goals’ for the new year would be. Thinking about goals really got my head spinning but there was one clear thing I wanted to do this year. I wanted to actively live my life as a Jesus follower.
I wanted to love people the way Jesus did. I don’t want to attend church more than everyone or point out others’ sin better than the next guy.
Nope. No Thank You!
Lord knows I sin and get things wrong just as much as anyone else.
Nope. What I want to do is love others, show love to others and be accepting as much as I can. It’s not always easy, that’s why it’s a goal.
This goal was one that needed to start inside and work its way outward. From myself, to my family, then friends, then strangers.
So, when I was asked to read and write a review of Parenting with Grace and Truth by Dan Seaborn, I knew I wanted to wait to post it until after the year has had a little time to take off.
The book flap explanation of Parenting with Grace and Truth: Leading and Loving Your Kids Like Jesus says: “Parenting with Grace and Truth is a timely book for parents who desire to live and lead like Jesus. You will be drawn to the ‘grace and truth’ concept because our culture idolizes serving self over others, which makes it incredibly difficult to raise children from a biblical foundation.”
Honestly, when I get excited about a book I read through it so dang quick that now as I write this review I am still going back and remembering some of the things I read originally. This book is again something I will be able to reference over and over.

Parenting with Grace and Truth in 8 topics

Seaborn breaks things down in 8 categories with questions to reflect on at the end of each chapter. 

I loved how this gives you a chance to reflect on what you’ve read and take time to discuss it if you’d like. 

Who this book is for

I think anyone could enjoy this book, whether you’re a new parent, a parent who is already a Christian or a parent who is looking for a new perspective on an issue you’re struggling with. 

The language of this book isn’t going to be over your head or complicated….Which is a major win in my book. 

Have you read this book yet? 

If so what did you think?