So, has you’re husband, boyfriend, best friend, significant other jumped on the Pokemon Go bandwagon leaving you feeling left out?

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My husband and I have been excited about the release of Pokemon Go for months but now that it is here my husband has been playing it a bit more than me and while I have been enjoying it, I am still feeling frustrated by some of the bugs with the app and haven’t gotten into it quite as much.
He and I have tried to go out on walks with our little man to catch Pokemon around our neighborhood, but it seems like every time we make plans to go together, the servers are down and we can’t play. Frustrating. So needless to say, I have given up and am just going to wait until the fad dies down and the app is less glitchy.

In the meantime, I admit, I have gotten annoyed with my husband’s late night walks around town and constant talk about the Pokemon he has found. Just last night he came home at 10:30 p.m. (which is late for me, I like to be in bed by, like, 9…so whatever, don’t judge.) and he said “I almost caught a Krabby right before I came home.” My reply; “If you stay out until 10:30 playing Pokemon Go every night you’re going to be catching crabby more than you would like.”

So even though I grew up playing Pokemon, like the app and am excited to play, I too have felt annoyed. But after our little Krabby joke last night, I got to thinking that even for those who don’t love playing Pokemon Go as much as their loved ones, there are ways you can bond and spend time together without joining the craze, too. And, I have to credit my husband with some of the ways he has tried to include me while he plays.

5 ways to make the best of a Pokemon Go situation

1. Try it out on your own 

Your husband will be proud to hear you caught a wild Pokemon in the dairy section at the grocery store when he asks about your day.

Like I said I wanted to play Pokemon Go so I had already downloaded the app on my phone. But if you aren’t like me but your loved one is playing without you…maybe you should just give it a try. I turn it on when I’m running errands or taking Harrison for a walk in the stroller. That way you have something to talk about or at least know what they’re talking about. And heck you just might like it!

2. Have a Pokestop Picnic

Have a picnic by the water like we did. That way you can catch the most useless of the useless Pokemon!

One day Brice asked “do you want to have a picnic?” How romantic! Right? “We can pack a lunch and hunt Pokemon” this is a great idea because if you both play you can eat near a Pokestop and drop a lure so you can both catch Pokemon together. If only one of you plays then the other can enjoy a picnic while than other plays! Win-win…if it still annoys you, bring a book to read.
3. Go to the mall.

So yeah….shop while he plays Pokemon. He will be so distracted by catching ’em all he won’t notice that you’re spending it all….right? Seriously though a lot of malls seem to have Pokestops galore so if you’re not into playing you can shop or eat or people watch while your other half hunts cute fictional cartoon monsters.

4. Make a game out of the game

Add a little extra to the app if the game seems pointless to you. We haven’t done this but if you’re really struggling to compromise and find a way to enjoy the game together this would be a way to do it. See who can take a picture of Pokemon in the funniest places or who can catch a certain Pokemon first. I’ve also seen some people playing Pokemon Go Bingo or Pokemon Scavenger hunts. Whatever works!

5. Enjoy it.

If you have really tried and just can’t get into it, then just don’t. Enjoy some alone time while it lasts because chances are the obsession will cease and you can go back to watching reruns of Chopped together in your pajamas while you both play games on your phones the way you used to…with your butt planted firmly on the couch where it belongs. I know that I don’t jump into the deep end with games right away. I like to take my time and play at my own pace and Brice likes to get right into them. So there would be nights he would go out walking and I would stay home while our little man slept. At first it bugged me but then I just decided to enjoy the alone time when he went out and then play at my own pace when I had time to do so.

Let’s talk…

What’s your relationship status with Pokemon Go? Love it or hate it? How have you been dealing with the fad?

8 thoughts on “So Your Husband is Playing Pokemon Go

  1. Rachel G

    Great post! My husband doesn’t play Pokemon Go…for two main reasons–he doesn’t have a smartphone, and I’m pretty sure that Pokemon Go has not been released in Malaysia at this point. But I definitely know the cycle of him getting obsessed with various computer games. I have no love for computer games at all, but I’ve definitely learned over the years that such obsessions are usually quite fleeting. As a very new wife I wasn’t too happy when he suddenly started playing pool online all the time–but I quickly realized that he gets bored of the games really quickly. Me, on the other hand, he never gets bored with. haha!
    Rachel G recently posted…Surprises from our Trip to Tokyo, JapanMy Profile

  2. Julie

    I’m playing Pokemon Go but my husband has yet to download it a join the fun. I’m playing way less than I originally was but I’ve already discovered some things in my neighborhood that I never knew were there.

  3. Kim Munoz

    My hubby is the only one in the family that isn’t playing. Yesterday, he offered to take us to the Zoo to look at real animals and hunt the imaginary one. Thankfully he is a very patient man. The servers though…ugh!

  4. Rebecca Hicks

    My husband plays Pokemon Go all the time… It’s funny that the amount of times he takes our dog on walks has gone exponentially up ever since the game was released. I’ve just learned that I can’t let it bother me and have fun with it instead. Aaaand maybe now I should bring him to the mall… I like your idea!

  5. Allie

    My husband loves this game. The good thing is his phone crashes all the time so he can’t get too sucked in, lol.

  6. Frustrated in Pittsburgh

    My boyfriend plays constantly, it’s completely annoying. It’s Pokemon this and Pokemon that. I might add he’s a 37 year old grown ass man. He works a lot and we don’t get to spend much time together and when we do its all about the game. He tries to hide what he’s doing but I’m not stupid.

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