Making a fun holiday season for baby

Hmmm. Let’s just talk about the holidays for a minute…actually let me please dedicate a whole two part series to it. How are we going to change our frame of mind for our little ones’ first Christmas? That and how to keep ourselves sane to enjoy the whole experience with them!

Here’s why we’re doing it

I didn’t really plan on dedicating any blog time to the holidays which is actually weird because I am one of those people obsessed with Christmas songs, decorations, and putting the tree up WAY before Thanksgiving. But our fun challenge led us to going on a date, just Baby H and I and it turned into a whole Christmas shopping day.
We ate out right near a mall so I thought well I’m going to grab some things while we’re so close. Then we decided to go to Fleet Farm for even more shopping and finally ended up at the grocery store to pick up food for Thanksgiving.
The point is that I always feel guilty making the little man sit in the stroller while I shop. But at the end of the day he had a great day and I felt great after getting out of the house. Plus I got even more in to the Christmas spirit.

So when the season has us so busy, how do we stop long enough to make sure it’s enjoyable?

Now I am no professional (but let’s face it if there were some way to be a professional Christmas person I probably should be) but I have compiled a few things to do to help you stay sane this season and then a few ways to make the season special for your little one or little ones in a two part holiday series!

5 tips for staying sane as a SAHM during the holiday season:

seasonpt1-21. Don’t stress about the mess: way easier said than done right? Well it’s true. With all the cooking and decorating and shopping you are left with little willpower to CLEAN! but if you’re like me and need to clean anyways. Check out some of my tips for a quick clean: here and here
2. Avoid the common Mommy ruts. I’ve talked about this on the blog before but it is worth mentioning again so if you missed it before, here’s a good place to start (click here to check it out). It is so easy to get caught up in being that Pinterest perfect mom. But the holidays aren’t about that. So if you can try to beat the everyday mommy ruts it will be easier to stay sane this Christmas and enjoy it with your babe.
3. Space out your to-do list. What worked before you had kids might not work now. I find that spacing out your shopping, cooking, decorating etc. can make a huge difference. Plan ahead!
4. Turn to friends. That’s right. Ask for help. Or better yet have fun with it. Pre-make some holiday meals together to stick in the freezer. Then you can just pop them in the oven for a quick holiday meal. Or have a cookie baking party. Many hands make light work. And make it a lot of fun!
5. Don’t focus on gifts: The season isn’t all about gifts so don’t feel so much pressure to pick out the best gift for everyone on your list. If you’re stuck check out my Pinterest board here for lots of great gift ideas.

Next week…

Next week I will get into part two and talk about how we can remember to make time and enjoy the holidays and make the little ones’ Christmases special, especially if it is their first one!

17 thoughts on “Tis the Season, Pt. 1

  1. Lindsey Renee

    I love this! My family and me have trying to take focus off of gifts and turning it back to family time, learning to be givers and doers! I love your ideas though. So often I think us mom’s think our house has to be the ideal Pinterest picture, when in reality a family is living in it !

  2. Shann Eva

    Great advice! It’s definitely harder to get things done during the holidays when you have kids. Plus, all the extra shopping! I look forward to the second half of tips.

  3. Candace @ Fullest Mom

    I think spacing out to dos is a good tip. I can go full-throttle on errands and I tend to forget not everyone is feeling up to it like me (especially the little ones). Leaving space in-between for fun is a great suggestion. Take care mama. Have a beautiful holiday season.

  4. Lamora

    YES! These are perfect reminders. I was just thinking of the ways I will be doing Christmas this year and these will be added to the list.

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