Making Holiday Fun for Baby

Tis the Season to Make a Fun Holiday Season for The Family

Last week, I talked about how we should find ways to clear our mind and minimize our stress around the holidays. Because I don’t know about you but when Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. Or something like that. Seriously though when you’re running on empty it’s hard to channel that holiday spirit. And when you can’t channel that holiday spirit it’s even more difficult to make the holiday’s special for the little ones.

Here’s why we’re doing it

Last year over the holidays I was pregnant and I enjoyed the holidays, but it wasn’t to my usual Christmas caliber. In fact when we didn’t have the tree up before Thanksgiving I threw a temper tantrum. Then, when we did start putting the tree up we discovered that our lights didn’t work anymore. I went to the store to pick up more lights…they weren’t long enough to reach around the tree. The store was closed by then so we had to wait ANOTHER day to decorate the tree. I threw another temper tantrum. I guess I was just preparing my husband for being a father. He didn’t know what to do and lets face it. I was hormonal, there was probably nothing he could have done.

Well, I didn’t want a repeat of that this year. I wanted to make sure I was all tinsel and bows not tears and burnt out lights, if ya know what I mean. I mean come on, it’s Baby H’s first Christmas EVER! This is the most exciting thing in the world.

It was time to clean the slate and focus on starting some magical traditions for him!

So, since we are refreshed (But, if Thanksgiving got ya all shook up again then you should probably revisit my post from last week, I’ll leave that link riggghhttt here) I’m going to share a few ideas on how to make a FUN, baby-friendly Christmas.

How to Create a Fun Christmas for Baby


  1. Ditch the expectations: First and foremost, you never know what is going to work your new family dynamics. Especially if this is your first kiddo. A lot of times your new traditions will have to be figured out alongside old traditions and other plans with your family and your husband’s family, etc.
  2. Don’t hold back: It’s tempting to just forget about putting up decorations and the Christmas tree because let’s face it, babies are much better at destruction than decoration. But, it’s worth it. I mean this year we hot glued the tops of the Christmas bulbs and used twist ties to attach them to the tree. With two cats and a 10-month old romping around, we have only had a FEW bulbs knocked off. Oh yeah, and maybe go buy some shatterproof Christmas bulbs just in case. We also decided to hold off on using our special ornaments this year, too.  In a few years, we can bust those out again.
  3. Start Traditions: Since baby is young, now is the time to start trying to figure out what traditions you want to adopt. It will give you a couple of years to pin down exactly what works and what might not work as well. You can always add in new traditions but if you have had Christmas activities you have been wanting to start, now is the time to get them going! Heck, I made my husband write a letter to Santa the last couple of years and we didn’t have kids yet. (Sorry husband, but not really sorry). Because I know that it’s going to be super special to keep doing that as our family grows.
  4. Gifts: Okay, last week I said don’t focus on the gifts, that’s not what it’s all about. So I’m going to repeat it. It’s not about the GIFTS! It’s about so much more. But, I have seen a lot of great gift ideas floating around the world wide web, ideas to give books, clothes, and other things that the family NEEDS. Find a balance in your gift giving this year.
  5. Plan Holiday Activities: Think of some fun activities to do with your little one leading up to Christmas day. Make salt dough ornaments, take them along to do a little Christmas shopping, go visit Santa, read Christmas books, Sing Christmas Songs, teach them the story of Christmas and Jesus’ birth. The list could go on and on, but doing this helps you see the holiday season through the eyes of your child a little better. It’s going to give you more of a child-like joy for Christmas again.

So, tell me how are you planning to make the holidays special this year?