If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook you probably noticed that me and my lil’ fam took a somewhat impromptu vacation to Duluth, MN last week!

While it wasn’t a very long vacation it was just what the doctor ordered. Being a stay at home mom now it’s easy to get stuck in a rut, so getting out and exploring such a beautiful area with my two favorite guys got me right out of any funk.

But since it was our first vacation as parents it didn’t take long to realize that flitting off for a easy weekend with my husband is a thing of the past. And I’m sure I’m not alone when I say packing for yourself can be a headache not to mention making sure everyone else is good to go as well.

So I decided to join some other mom’s in a Blog Hop and share what’s in my bag.

What’s In My Weekend Bag: First Time Mom Edition

So, I don’t know if this is just me or if it’s a thing with all first time mommas but I tend to WAY over pack now that we have a kiddo. Therefore this post should probably be called what’s NOT in my bag (am I right?)

But I tried to narrow it down to the few things I cannot leave the house without when traveling for a weekend away with the family.

1. The obvious…Diapers:

This probably goes without saying but the first thing I shove in our bag is LOTS of diapers and wipes! We love the Pampers wipes with the handy dispenser on the front. Easier for travel. And I literally pack like half a box of diapers for a couple of days. Better safe than sorry?

2. The sleepy time giraffe thingy

I don’t know what it is about this thing but Harrison loves this giraffe. Maybe you other mommas have one too, but this toy plays soothing music and hae a soft light on its tummy. It is kind of cool and it reminds me of those glow worm toys that were popular when I was a kid. Ever since we got this as a gift at a baby shower Harrison falls asleep to it every night. So if he loves it, we love it…even though the sound of the songs it plays is seared into my mind and I hear phantom lullabies throughout the day even though it’s not playing.

3. Pump….

This one is a must for momma. I breastfeed but I have also been pumping extra every night before bed to have an extra milk supply. So I pretty much have to keep on that schedule otherwise it gets a little bothersome. I purchased a manual pump to bring with instead of packing the electric pump.

4. Extra pacifiers

So Harrison doesn’t need pacifiers a lot of the time but he likes them for naptime. But we definitely learned the hard way to pack extras just in case. Especially since on our last trip Harrison turned and spit out his pacifier…and where did it land? Directly into a trash can…

5. Phone charger/car charger

So I’m sure this is no news flash but don’t forget your charger. I ask Brice this every time we leave the house for a weekend. “Did you pack your charger?” I hate to be one of those people who Are constantly on their phone…especially in a vacation, but its what I use as a camera. And I will be darned if my phone died and I missed that priceless picture of my little boy doing something adorable!

6. Last but not least….books

When we usually go for a weekend trip it’s usually to visit my family which is a 4 hour car trip. We pack lots of noisy toys. But when that does not work Harrison likes his books! He loves holding and playing with books.

This is just a short list of our must haves….other things that didn’t make the cut include LOTS of extra clothes for both baby and adults, snacks mostly for mom since breastfeeding makes me feel like my stomach is a bottomless pit and a floppy hat for the whole family. (Seriously I bought a floppy hat and always forget to wear it! Why is life so cruel?! The world needs more floppy hats.)

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Whether it be your purse, you work bag, your lunch bag; join in the fun and let us chat about whats in YOUR bag! Comment below and if you had fun reading all the blog hop posts, be sure to share this and the other posts with friends and followers!

4 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag: A First Time Mom’s Weekend Bag

  1. Julie

    Ah yes, never forget the phone chargers. Those don’t tend to make it on the list very often heh.
    P.S. Can you fix my link pretty please?

  2. Inez

    My favorite is the sleepy time giraffe thingy. haha. And, YES, on the pacifiers. My son doesn’t always take them either but I’ve learned it’s always best to just have one on hand!

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