Okay, wow you guys. I have been in a crazy hectic bubble lately and finally found it in me to hop back here and update everyone. 

But for real….It’s mid February…Where DOES the time go?

Life has been crazy, crazy busy. I originally wanted to take a couple of weeks off from blogging around and after the holidays so I could enjoy some time with my family – unplugged. 

But unfortunately, as it often happens in life, things came up. 

My sweet grandpa got sick in January and passed away. My family has had a lot of loss in the past several years so it really takes the wind out of my sails when we have to say goodbye to someone else.

So for many of the past weekends we spent four hours each way to go up north to be. with my family. 

So much travel with my little guy is a lot of work. 

But, being forced to step away from blogging has given me a new perspective on my writing again and I can’t wait for some new ideas I plan to share on the blog! 

So besides traveling, mourning and all that goes along with that, here’s what I have been up to:

  • Playing with my now one year old
  • Celebrating his first ever birthday
  • Reading lots of books
  • Studying for my career (mom and farm wife career that is) 
  • Started taking an online class
  • Complaining about things to my husband
  • Seeing friends 
  • Shopping…Obviously.
  • Planning a new style for the blog (I am a compulsive blog design changer)

So…Are you mad at me for neglecting you guys….Please don’t be. Lol 

What have you been up to?